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Kim Yoonity in South Korea

September 28, 2015

Kim: It just dawned on me, that I can tell you a lot about Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm!

Korea has traditionally been called the Land of the Morning Calm, but in modern times, South Korea has also been called the Land of Miracles. This Asian state has grown from a small war-torn country to a powerful economic nation.

In ancient times, a large fire burned in the main house, and underground tunnels carried this heat into the surrounding homes. Even in modern times, Koreans use heating systems to send warmth underneath the floors. Using short tables and movable futons, Koreans eat and sleep in these cozy rooms.

In 1910, Korea became a Japanese colony. The country gained independence in 1945, only to be divided into the communist North, and the democratic South. These countries have been hostile ever since.

Walking through the Korean Folk Village is like walking into the past. It’s a living museum where you can find blacksmiths, carpenters, and other craftsmen at work in traditional shops. Small, neat farmers’ homes lie around the village, and folk dances are performed in a nearby amphitheater.

So long!


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