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Kim Yoonity in the Philippines

September 28, 2015

Kim: Hello, hello! My name is Kim Yoonity, and I know more about cultures than a yogurt maker. Let’s talk about this location, shall we?

The name of the Ifugao people comes from a native word meaning “eaters of rice”. They say the staple of their diet was a gift from the gods, and the ancient Ifugao was the master architects of the rice terraces. For years, the Ifugao were protected by their rugged remote terrain, but today, their culture is threatened, as the modern world moves in and more natives move out, to cities like Manila.

Nestled at the bottom of the beautifully sculpted circle of terraces, Bataan Village is an authentic traditional Ifugao town. It does, however, contain a Catholic church, since Spanish missionaries introduced their religion to the Philippines 400 years ago.

Almost 2,000 years ago, the Ifugao people of the Philippines carved rice paddies out of the rugged mountainside, and used an ingenious system of canals to hold water, even during the dry season. The rice terraces are located in the mountains north of Manila, and some of them reach heights of 4,000 feet!

So long!


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