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TCoH 3, Episode 275

Oktober 2, 2015

Our Heroes were trapped in a destroyer ship when the whole Boga Squad were on a trip in a jungle in South Carolina. Most prominently, Fiki and Andrew came to rescue them. They separated from Sahda and the other X Boga 1 students.

Andrew: We gotta get there to save your sister. Trust me. We’re pals, right?
Fiki: But I can’t swim! And getting there is quite dangerous! We can’t even separate from our friends, even my sweetheart Sahda! Isn’t that right, pal?
Andrew: Meh. Who cares about Sahda? Come on, I’ll show you how. (splashed into the water and swam all the way to the destroyer)
Fiki: (Geez, he really is an alligator. I wonder what he is doing now…) Andy, you can’t do that! It’s very dangerous!
Sahda: Alright, honey, what’s your alligator friend doing out there?
Fiki: He swam right across the ocean to rescue my sister and her friends!
Sahda: Oh my God, he could be in trouble! Sorry guys, I have to go with Fiki! He has to rescue his sister! (she and Fiki left the rest of Boga Squad, even Randi)

Meanwhile, in the destroyer…

Freddie: Alright, hands up and show me the money!
Medina: But we can’t! Our hands are tied up and I don’t bring any dollars!
Gaston: Is that all you have to say for yourself?
Medina: Mmm-hmmm.
Gaston: Because I thought I was gonna teach this midget apple a lesson.
Midget Apple: (angrily) My name is still Little Apple!
Tasya: Sorry to interrupt, you guys, but Little Apple’s right. His actual name is Little Apple, and he prefers that term better than “Midget Apple”. So stop calling him a midget apple.
Freddie: Nobody gives a f**k! Just shut up! Man, you’re all more annoying than that orange Fina’s holding.
Fina: Y-y-you know me, Mr. Freddie Sofyan?
Freddie: Yes, with all my respects. I, Freddie Sofyan, am the world’s greatest–
Sahda: Alright, you thugs, let go of Fiki’s sister!
Gaston: Hey! Who you callin’ thugs? Gimme yourself!
(Gaston and Freddie successfully held hostage of Sahda)
Gaston: No way! She’s ours now!
Andrew: Yes, you’re right. Don’t let her let go.
Fiki: BUT SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND! (sobs) Oh my God, what would they ever do to my one and only Talitha Sahda Nabila…?
Maul: I’m in it to win it! (attempting to shoot down an F-16)
(Maul did shoot down one of the fighter planes, but all she shot was an Su-30. Everyone remained quiet, but all of a sudden Sahda fainted)
Fiki: Did he just shot…?
Andrew: Nah. He did it just for fun. Look, there are still 7 surviving fighter planes above us.
Fiki: Oh yeah. There are F-18, Su-27, F-16, F-15, F-14, MiG-29, and… WHERE’S SU-30?! I thought Uncle Freddie didn’t shoot down the– (gasps) Sahda!
(Fiki rushed towards Sahda, who was lying on the ship floor, helpless and immobile. Upon seeing this, he became teary-eyed)
Fiki: SAHDA! Sahda, you’ve got to live! You can’t die, you can’t, you can’t, who am I gonna marry when I’m 26 if you die? Ohhh, why would they do this to you?!!?!?!?! (thinking Sahda just died, he held her hands tightly, screaming) SAHDAAAAAA!!!!!!!! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (cries loudly)
Andrew: Meh. I don’t give a f**k, she’s just a cheap class captain.
Fiki: Sahda… (still crying)
(the rest of the Boga Squad rushed to the destroyer)
Handika: He’s over there!
(Boga Squad grew into chaos. They carried Sahda to the hospital in Charleston)
Freddie (staring at our Heroes): As for you guys, you have to pack your bags and stay in the cell… forever!
Medina: Huh, us? Why?
Freddie: Because you killed our friend Sofwan Nugraha and freed Edho Zell. NOW GO!
(door slam)

Sahda’s mom went to the hospital to check if her youngest daughter was OK.

Sahda’s mom: Doc! How was my daughter?
Dr. Nathaniel: Sorry, but we’re afraid that Sahda is on a shock stage. This could have been those 2 bad guys shooting down her favorite plane, a Sukhoi Su-30…
Sahda’s mom: Oh no!

Meanwhile, our Heroes are busy telling some ghost stories in the cell… STAY TUNED!

– Medina Ramadhany
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Ghafiki
– Talitha Sahda Nabila
– Andrew Gator
– Handika Irdhany Aufa
– Freddie Sofyan
– Gaston Elias Laplace
– Sahda’s mom
– Dr. Nathaniel Peterson


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