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Courses in Chemistry, FMIPA ITB

Oktober 3, 2015

Written by a non-MIA kid that loves chemistry, despite the fact that chemistry also involves a LOT of counting >:o

Semester 1
1. MA1101 Calculus IA
2. FI1101 Basic Physics IA
3. KI1101 Basic Chemistry IA
4. XXabcd Introduction to Engineering and Design 1
5. KU1071 Introduction to Mathematics and Natural Sciences
6. KU101x Scientific Writing in Indonesian
7. KUxxxx Physical Education

Semester 2
1. MA1102 Calculus IIA
2. FI1102 Basic Physics IIA
3. KI1102 Basic Chemistry IIA
4. XXabcd Introduction to Engineering and Design 2
5. KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology
6. KU102x Academic English

Semester 3
1. KI2121 Basics of Analytical Chemistry
2. KI2141 Chemical Structure and Bonds
3. KI2151 Monofunctional Organic Elements
4. KI2151 Organic Chemistry Project
5. MA2071 Scientific Mathematics
6. KU206x Religion and Ethics Elective Course

Semester 4
1. KI2221 Separation Methods and Electrometry
2. KI2231 Inorganic Structure and Reactivity
3. KI2241 Chemical Energetics
4. KI2251 Polyfunctional Organic Elements
5. KI2261 Basics of Biological Chemistry
6. XXabcd Management Elective Course

Semester 5
1. KI3121 Spectrometry Analysis
2. KI3131 Main Group Element Chemistry
3. KI3141 Chemical Dynamics
4. KI3151 Organic Synthesis
5. KI3161 Biomolecular Structure and Functions
6. KU2071 Pancasila and Civics

Semester 6
1. KI3211 Research Design
2. KI3212 Structural Elucidation
3. KI3231 Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds
4. KI3261 Metabolism and Genetic Information
5. XXabcd Environmental Elective Course

Semester 7
1. KI4091 Thesis I

Semester 8
1. KI4092 Thesis II
2. KI4093 Thesis Seminar and Defense

Elective Courses in Chemistry (yes, also a lot of counting that makes me refuse to enter MIA):
1. KI3111 Introduction to Diffraction Methods
2. KI3011 Laboratory Management
3. KI3213 Environmental Chemistry
4. KI4211 Chemistry and Society
5. KI4212 Practical Work
6. KI5112 Advanced Structural Elucidation
7. KI5212 Computational Chemistry
8. KI5113 Introduction to Computational Chemistry
9. KI3122 Introduction to Chemometrics
10. KI5123 Applied Analysis
11. KI5124 Sensors and Biosensors
12. KI5223 Capita Selecta of Analytical Chemistry
13. KI5224 Special Analysis Methods
14. KI5125 Environmental Analytical Chemistry
15. KI5226 Laboratory Quality Control
16. KI5132 Capita Selecta of Organic Chemistry
17. KI5233 Introduction to Inorganic Synthesis
18. KI5133 Catalysis
19. KI5234 Nanomaterials
20. KI3142 Core Chemistry and Radiation
21. KI5142 Chemical Thermodynamics
22. KI5143 Capita Selecta of Physical Chemistry
23. KI5144 Polymer Chemistry
24. KI5145 Surface Chemistry
25. KI5243 Polymer Degradation
26. KI5244 Solid Chemistry
27. KI5245 Electrochemistry
28. KI5246 Sensors and Lithography
29. KI3152 Stereochemistry
30. KI5153 Natural Material Organic Chemistry
31. KI5154 Natural Compound Spectral Elucidation
32. KI5253 Physical Organic Chemistry
33. KI5254 Organometallic Chemistry
34. KI5255 Capita Selecta of Organic Chemistry
35. KI3262 Introduction to Biochemical Research
36. KI5163 Molecular Biotechnology
37. KI5164 Capita Selecta of Biochemistry
38. KI5165 Medical Biochemistry
39. KI5263 Food Biochemistry
40. KI5264 Computational Biochemistry

Thumbs up for my junior Gamma Putra Pamungkas, from IX-B, as a future chemist! I remember he liked mixing chemicals when he was in primary school. Maybe he still does.


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