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Courses in Physics, FMIPA ITB

Oktober 3, 2015

I’m not a MIA kid. But as soon as I found out that my dad’s younger brother, Uncle Pipit, was a graduate in Physics, I think the subject is quite interesting. But don’t ask me to go there since IIS kids can’t go there.

Semester 1
1. MA1101 Mathematics IA
2. FI1101 Basic Physics IA
3. KI1101 Basic Chemistry IA
4. KU1011 Scientific Writing in Indonesian
5. KU1160 Introduction to Mathematics and Natural Sciences
6. KU1101 Introduction to Engineering and Design 1
7. KU1001 Physical Education

Semester 2
1. MA1201 Mathematics IIA
2. FI1201 Basic Physics IIA
3. KI1201 Basic Chemistry IIA
4. KU102x Academic English
5. KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology B
6. KU1201 Introduction to Engineering and Design 2

Semester 3
1. FI2101 Mathematical Physics I
2. FI2102 Mechanics
3. FI2103 Electronics
4. FIxxxx Elective Course I
5. FIxxxx Elective Course II
6. FIxxxx Elective Course III

Semester 4
1. FI2201 Mathematical Physics II
2. FI2202 Electromagnet
3. FI2203 Modern Physics
4. FI2204 Measuring Methods and Data Processing
5. FIxxxx Elective Course IV
6. KUxxxx ITB Compulsory Subject

Semester 5
1. FI3101 Waves
2. FI3102 Thermal Physics
3. FI3103 Quantum Physics
4. FI3104 Physical Experiment I
5. FIxxxx Elective Course V
6. FIxxxx Elective Course VI
7. KUxxxx ITB Compulsory Subject

Semester 6
1. FI3201 Physical Experiment II
2. FI3202 Computational Physics
3. FIxxxx Elective Course VII
4. FIxxxx Elective Course VIII
5. FIxxxx Elective Course IX
6. FIxxxx Elective Course X
7. KUxxxx ITB Compulsory Subject

Semester 7
1. FI4091 Thesis I
2. FI4101 Core Physics
3. FIxxxx Elective Course XI
4. FIxxxx Elective Course XII
5. FIxxxx Elective Course XIII

Semester 8
1. FI4201 Solid Physics
2. FI4092 Thesis II
3. FI4093 Seminar and Thesis Trial
4. FIxxxx Elective Course XIV
5. FIxxxx Elective Course XV

More electives than study program courses -____- which makes me actually HATE physics and refuse to enter MIA class.

Elective Courses in Physics
1. FI3211 Advanced Quantum Physics
2. FI2071 Instrumentation Systems
3. FI3281 Statistical Physics
4. FI3182 Scientific Communication
5. FI2083 Programming and Physical Simulation
6. FI4184 Physical System Computation
7. FI2112 Introduction to Einstein’s Relativity Theory
8. FI3241 Reactor Physics
9. FI2251 Radiology Physics
10. FI3221 Electromagnetic Interaction in Materials
11. FI2161 Earth Physics and Complex Systems
12. FI3173 Advanced Electronics
13. FI3231 Fluid Physics
14. FI4096 Monitored Independent Study
15. FI3094 Practical Work
16. FI3095 Monitored Independent Study
17. FI3213 Einstein’s Relativity Theory
18. FI3214 Group and Symmetry Theory in Physics
19. FI4241 Nuclear Reaction and Data
20. FI4115 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
21. FI4142 Hydraulic Thermals and Nuclear Safety
22. FI3242 Nuclear Fuel Management
23. FI3141 Nuclear Application in Industrial
24. FI4141 Nuclear Instrumentation
25. FI4242 Special Topics of Nuclear Physics
26. FI3274 Interface and Microcontroller Systems
27. FI4278 Granular System Computation
28. FI4175 Capita Selecta of Instrumentation Systems
29. FI3179 Sensor Systems
30. FI3252 Radiotherapy Physics
31. FI3152 Radiodiagnostic Physics
32. FI3151 Dosimetry and Radiation Protection
33. FI2151 Biophysics
34. FI3251 Electrophysiology and Bioenergetics
35. FI3163 Electromagnetic Methods
36. FI2262 Environmental and Natural Disaster Physics
37. FI3266 Econophysics
38. FI3265 Geothermal System Physics
39. FI3164 Complex Fluid Computation
40. FI3267 Rock Physics
41. FI4132 Material Computation and Quantum Device
42. FI3232 Introduction to Electronic Material Physics
43. FI4231 Semiconductor Physics and Technology
44. FI4133 Energy Material Physics
45. FI4232 Electronic Material Processing
46. FI4131 Nanoelectronics and Nanosystems
47. FI4121 Material Characterization Engineering
48. FI4221 Physical Character of Materials and Its Functionalizations
49. FI4122 Photonic Theory and Application
50. FI4222 Synthesis and Physical Character of Soft Materials
51. FI3176 Medical Instrumentation


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