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Courses in Civil Engineering, FTSL ITB

Oktober 7, 2015

My dad’s youngest brother, Uncle Didin, graduated from Civil Engineering, but not from ITB.

Semester 1
1. MA1101 Calculus IA
2. FI1101 Basic Physics IA
3. KI1101 Basic Chemistry IA
4. KU1101 Introduction to Engineering and Design I
5. KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology B
6. KU102x Academic English

Semester 2
1. MA1201 Calculus IIA
2. FI1201 Basic Physics IIA
3. KI1201 Basic Chemistry IIA
4. KU1001 Physical Education
5. KU1011 Scientific Writing in Indonesian
6. KU1201 Introduction to Engineering and Design II
7. KU1266 Engineering Drawing

Semester 3
1. SI2101 Civil Engineering Construction Materials
2. SI2102 Analysis of Statistics and Probability
3. SI2103 Engineering Mathematics
4. SI2111 Statics
5. SI2131 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
6. SI2141 Introduction to Transportation Engineering

Semester 4
1. GD2001 Introduction to Surveying
2. SI2201 Numerical Methods
3. SI2211 Material Mechanics
4. SI2221 Soil Mechanics I
5. SI2231 Hydrologic Engineering
6. SI2241 Traffic Engineering
7. KU2071 Pancasila and Civics

Semester 5
1. SI3111 Structure Analysis I
2. SI3112 Concrete Structure
3. SI3121 Soil Mechanics II
4. SI3131 Irrigation and Drainage Systems
5. SI3141 Road Geometric Design
6. SI3151 Construction Management
7. SIxxxx Elective Course

Semester 6
1. SI3211 Structure Analysis II
2. SI3212 Steel Structure
3. SI3213 Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
4. SI3221 Foundation Engineering
5. SI3241 Road Pavement Design
6. SI3251 Construction Implementation Methods
7. SIxxxx Elective Course

Semester 7
1. SI4098 Practical Work/Internship
2. SI4111 Structure Engineering and Design
3. SI4151 Engineering Economics
4. KU206x Religion and Ethics Elective Course
5. SIxxxx Elective Course

Semester 8
1. SI4099 Thesis
2. SI4201 Engineering Systems
3. SI4231 Water Buildings
4. TL4002 Environmental Engineering
5. SIxxxx Elective Course

Elective courses in Civil Engineering:
1. SI4112 Advanced Concrete Structure
2. SI4113 Wooden Structure
3. SI4121 Introduction to Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
4. SI4131 Water Resource Development
5. SI4132 Coastal and Swamp Engineering
6. SI4141 Analysis of Movement Needs
7. SI4142 Structural Engineering and Pavement Materials
8. SI4143 Traffic Management
9. SI4152 Construction Fund Estimation
10. SI4211 Prestressed Concrete
11. SI4212 Advanced Steel Structure
12. SI4221 Retaining Wall and Stability
13. SI4232 River Engineering
14. SI4233 Hydropower Building Engineering
15. SI4241 Railroad Engineering
16. SI4242 Pavement Evaluation and Treatment
17. SI4243 Intermodal Infrastructure Engineering


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