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Coming soon: Florida story

Oktober 9, 2015

Our Hits Heroes are close to being Master Detectives, but… they’re not finished right here yet. They still need to track down 10 more crooks before they can gain access to the Lost City where the original Hits Heroes are kidnapped. Galih Absolute G., Ale Aulia, and Awong Irfan also still need time to cure from possession.

The first Master Detective story will take place in Florida, where Tasya will track down Hani (don’t tell Dava! Dava is Hani’s boyfriend) and stop her from stealing the countdown clock from the Kennedy Space Center. Why Anas doesn’t allow me to be friends with Fiki anymore will be answered in this Sunshine State. The Florida story will also mark the debut of Rafii and Hizkia, another of my best dudes in IIS 2.

Major cast:
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Yudhistira Widad Mahasena (me)
– Rafii Muhammad Riszikrullah (debut)
– Hizkia Abdillah (debut)
– Rizky Anas Rafisyah Sutia
– Ghafiki
– Hanifah Khairunnisa
– Ghifari
– Aditya Barkah
– Nadya Dianissa Suhernowo
– Pear (Tasya’s)
– Apple (mine)
– Grandpa Lemon (Fiki’s)
– Bartlett Pear (Hani’s)

Minor cast:
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Medina Ramadhany
– Hasna Lathifah
– Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Nauval Brianata Ranaputra
– Aldiansyah Jafar Sidiq
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Marshmallow (Mufida’s)
– Grapefruit (Dzaky’s)
– Midget Apple (Medina’s)
– Obnoxious Kumquat (Hasna’s)
– Sugarcube (Sahda’s)
– Blood Orange (Bryan’s)
– Puny Cherry (Aldi’s)

Withdrawing cast:
– Shafira Madania
– Passion Fruit (Shafira’s)
– Gladys Purnama
– Elaine Barkah
– Faradilla Adwina

Major events:
– Pear masters Hydro Cannon.
– Anas has a feud with Fiki and doesn’t allow me to be friends with him anymore. The reason is because he considers Fiki a bonehead (a single man). Problem is, Fiki is with Sahda…
– Fiki starts to call himself a dog biscuit (his term for a man who already has a girlfriend).
– Rafii and Hizkia make their first appearance in TCoH 3.

In real life, Fiki hates everything Disney-related. However, in the story, he is interested in going to Walt Disney World.


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