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Courses in Oceanography, FITB ITB

Oktober 9, 2015

Studied in geography class in your senior years of high school truly.

Semester 1
1. MA1101 Mathematics IA
2. FI1101 Basic Physics IA
3. KI1101 Basic Chemistry IA
4. KU1101 Introduction to Engineering and Design I
5. KU1011 Scientific Writing in Indonesian
6. KU1163 Introduction to Terrestrial Sciences and Technology

Semester 2
1. MA1201 Mathematics IIA
2. FI1201 Basic Physics IIA
3. KI1201 Basic Chemistry IIA
4. KU1201 Introduction to Engineering and Design II
5. KU102x Academic English (KU1021/KU1022/KU1023)
6. KU1001 Physical Education
7. KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology B

Semester 3
1. FI2181 Mathematical Physics IB
2. FI2104 Mechanics IB
3. OS2101 Introduction to Oceanography
4. OS2102 Fluid Mechanics
5. OS2103 Oceanographic Computation
6. OS2104 Biological Oceanography
7. KU206x Religion and Ethics

Semester 4
1. FI2205 Thermodynamics
2. FI2281 Mathematical Physics IIB
3. MA2081 Basic Statistics
4. OS2201 Hydrodynamics
5. OS2202 Numerical Methods in Oceanography
6. OS2203 Chemical Oceanography
7. OS2204 Signals and Time Series Analysis

Semester 5
1. OS3101 Geological Oceanography
2. OS3102 Data Analysis Methods in Oceanography
3. OS3103 Sea Waves
4. OS3104 Oceanographic Modelling I
5. OS3105 Ebb and Flow
6. OS3106 Ocean Currents

Semester 6
1. KU2071 Pancasila and Civics
2. OS3001 Environmental Oceanography
3. OS3202 Sea Diving and Navigation
4. OS3203 Hydro-oceanographic Surveying
5. OS3204 Oceanography of Indonesia
6. OS3205 Coastal and Marine Management

Semester 7
1. OS4091 Colloquium

Semester 8
1. OS4099 Thesis

Elective Courses in Oceanography:
1. OS3003 Marine Disaster Mitigation
2. OS3004 Oceanographic Remote Sensing
3. OS3005 Seawater Quality
4. OS3006 Fishery Oceanography
5. OS3007 Marine Meteorology
6. OS3008 Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry
7. OS3009 Marine Cultivation
8. OS4003 Coastal Oceanography
9. OS4004 Oceanographic Modelling II
10. OS4005 Introduction to Marine Environment Modelling
11. OS4006 Sedimentary Transport and Coastal Dynamics
12. OS4007 Tsunamis and Extreme Waves
13. OS4008 Marine Nonconventional Energy
14. OS4009 Capita Selecta
15. OS4010 Scientific Diving
16. OS4011 Longwave Dynamics
17. OS4012 Introduction to Ocean Atmosphere Interaction
18. OS4013 Estuaries
19. OS4014 Analysis and Forecasting of Sea Waves
20. OS4090 Practical Work

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