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Courses in Urban and Regional Planning, SAPPK ITB

Oktober 9, 2015

How many times I’ve wrote about this…?

Semester 1
1. MA1101 Mathematics IA
2. FI1102 Basic Physics IB
3. KI1102 Basic Chemistry IB
4. KU1101 Introduction to Engineering and Design I
5. KU1011 Indonesian
6. KU1001 Physical Education
7. AR1110 Basics of Planning and Design

Semester 2
1. MA1201 Mathematics IIA
2. FI1202 Basic Physics IIB
3. KI1202 Basic Chemistry IIB
4. KU1102 Introduction to Engineering and Design II
5. KU102x Academic English
6. KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology
7. PL1202 Communication and Presentation Techniques

Semester 3
1. GL21CD Introduction to Environmental Geology
2. PL2101 Environment and Natural Resources
3. PL2102 Location Patterns and Space Structure
4. PL2151 Introduction to Economics
5. PL2103 Introduction to Spatial Data
6. PL2104 Population Aspects in Planning
7. PL2105 Analysis Methods of Planning I

Semester 4
1. PL2251 Regional and Urban Economy
2. PL2201 Land Use
3. PL2231 Introduction to Regional and Urban Infrastructure
4. PL2211 Housing Systems
5. PL2202 Analysis Methods of Planning II
6. PL2209 Planning Process Studio
7. PL2241 Law of Planning

Semester 5
1. PL3111 Urban Planning
2. PL3101 Social Aspects and Community Development
3. PL3131 Regional and Urban Infrastructure Planning
4. PL3119 Housing Site Planning Studio
5. PL3141 Building Funding
6. PLxxxx Elective Course
7. PLxxxx Elective Course

Semester 6
1. PL3221 Regional Planning
2. PL3222 Rural Planning
3. PL3219 Urban Planning Studio
4. PL3239 Regional and Urban Infrastructure Studio
5. PL3241 Building Management and Administration
6. PLxxxx Elective Outside of Study Program

Semester 7
1. PL4129 Regional Planning Studio
2. PL4112 Urban Design
3. PL4190 Practical Work
4. PL4101 Research Methods
5. PL4102 Planning Evaluation Techniques
6. PLxxxx Elective Course
7. PLxxxx Elective Course
8. PLxxxx Elective Course

Semester 8
1. PL4201 Planning Theory
2. PL4202 Building Control
3. PL4290 Thesis
4. KU2071 Pancasila and Civics
5. KU206x Religion and Ethics
6. PL4103 Information Systems of Planning
7. PLxxxx Elective Course

No listed elective courses in Urban and Regional Planning (a.k.a. Planology).
Harder than Architecture, and behind the birth of a city.

Fun fact: Students of Urban and Regional Planning gather in an assemblage called HMP Pangripta Loka. Their sister assemblage is IMA Gunadharma, students of Architecture.


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