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TCoH 3, Episode 284

Oktober 11, 2015

Previous story:
On their way to save Gladys’ wedding and return the recipe for Coca-Cola in Georgia, Dzaky and Shafira were abducted by Bryan and his two henchmen, Gagas and Harfiza. Then they were brought to Mr. Dadi’s house, where they were taught civics by Mr. Dadi, who tends to say “Laaame.”

Mr. Dadi then applied a skin lotion that turns skin into stone into Gladys’ skin. In a flash she turned into stone, and he tied Bryan, Gagas, and Harfiza to a peach tree.

The story continues when Dzaky and Mr. Dadi had a physical battle in the Swan House.

Dzaky and Mr. Dadi were busy fighting when….

Fina: Hey, stop! Fighting won’t solve anything! You think you solve problems like this by fighting in this situation? Mr. Dadi turned Gladys into stone when that lotion is supposed to moisturize her skin before her wedding, but then you guys end up fighting?! You two should be ashamed on the US government!
Mr. Dadi: (groans) Seriously, who watches this crap?
Medina: Fina’s right, Sir. There’s no use in a student-teacher fight. You two should apologize right now.
Mr. Dadi: But this apple keeps annoying me!
Pear: Hey, get it together, dude. Orange is not an apple, and he might not be annoying. But he has to annoy people because his title says so. Dzaky, Mr. Dadi Mulyadi Nugraha, you’re both apples because you fought each other. Now say you’re sorry.
(Dzaky didn’t speak from anger, almost crying)
Mr. Dadi: Laaame. (angrily to Orange) Orange, this is your fault. I hate you, and I hate everything about you. Your puns, your bad jokes, your nya-nya-nyas, your motorboats, your touch-eyeball-with-tongues… next time you annoy me, I will not listen to you, I wanna fly away with a…
Orange: Balloon?
Mr. Dadi: Yes! I wanna fly away with a balloon so I’ll never see you again! That’s all.
Orange: No! Balloon!
Mr. Dadi: Huh? (Shafira tied a balloon to Mr. Dadi’s hand) Whoaaa… (sent flying) Haha, this is never bad! Goodbye, you goddamn Annoying Orange! I’m flying, and there’s no way you can annoy me! Goodbye, goodbye! I feel freeeee–
Orange: Hey, hey Dadot, hey!
Mr. Dadi: (groans) Laaame.
Orange: Hey, hey everyone!
Dzaky, Fina, Tasya, Mufida, Medina, Shafira, Hasna, Bryan, Gagas, Harfiza, Hani, Aldi, and Kirana: (madly) WHAT?!?!?!
Orange: Everyone, over here! Hey, everyone!
Dzaky: Listen, Orange. You are not an annoying fruit. But your level of being annoying has reached Lv. 100. You’ve gone madly annoying!
Fina: Next time we hear you annoy us again, we’ll… gah, we’ll–
Orange: Discharge?
(everyone was shocked hearing Orange’s killing warn)
Hasna: Geez, Fin, I never thought Orange could be Lv. 100 annoying. I mean, check out Grapefruit. He’s charging!
Grapefruit: (growls. His body glows yellow, about to learn Discharge)
Fina: Sadly no, but for someone who can learn Discharge, we can leave it to Luxray or Zebstrika. Unfortunately Dzaky keeps it in his room.
Mr. Dadi: Laaame.
Orange: No! Discharge!
Dzaky: That’s it! He’s learning Discharge from anger!
Orange: No, really! I’m warning Dadot about… Discharge!
Mr. Tarmizi: (sniffs) Guys, do you smell that?
Mr. Sofwan: Yeah, it’s the orange, he stinks.
(Grapefruit Discharges his anger)
Mr. Dadi: Laaaa–(got shocked)–AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaame!
Midget Apple: Oh no! It’s Grapefruit’s Discharge!
(the balloon that sent Mr. Dadi afloat pops)
Dzaky: Hold the cage, gentlemen!
(Mr. Tarmizi and Mr. Sofwan pushed a very big cage in the middle of the field. Mr. Dadi fell in it)

Georgia thanks Detective Dzaky Fakhruddin for returning the recipe for Coca-Cola.


Dzaky: There’s only one thing to do.
(Dzaky handed over the Cherokee rose oil and applied it to Gladys’ body. Gladys returned into a normal human, woke up on a bed, without clothes, assuming she was having a shower when she turned into stone)
Gladys: Where am I? I remember using an in-shower lotion…
Dzaky: Long story, but don’t blame on anyone. You turned into a statuette, and you recovered with that Cherokee rose oil I gave you.
Gladys: My skin’s soft again! Thanks, Dzaky. I owe you one!
Dzaky: Awww, you shouldn’t have.
Ela: Gladys! You forgot your wedding dress!

Meanwhile, outside…

Bryan: See, I told you never mess around with Ruby Red! Her Electric-type moves are super-effective against any type!
Gagas: Yeah, whatever, Boss.
Harfiza: (British accent) Neato burrito.
Bryan: OK, time for the big show.

It’s official, Gladys Purnama and Gioacchino Doveri are a husband-and-wife now. Everyone had fun.

Julia: (via video call) Congratulations, Heroes! You have fared well in tracking down crooks, and that makes you a Master Detective! You’ve been promoted again!
Dzaky, Fina, Tasya, Mufida, and Medina: Hooray!
Julia: You’re 1/10 way down there. I hope you enjoy your career as Master Detectives! This is Julia van Bergen, signing out.
Tasya: Well guys, we still got more work to do. How about it, guys? A little dinner before our 41th case?
Fina: Agreed!
Dzaky, Fina, Tasya, Mufida, and Medina: HOY!!!

And so, our Heroes are now Master Detectives, as their journey continues.

The End
A Walt Disney Production

– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Medina Ramadhany
– Shafira Madania
– Nauval Brianata Ranaputra
– Muhammad Fathin Alghazali
– Harfiza Irdhany Aufa
– Gladys Purnama
– Gioacchino Doveri
– Elaine Barkah
– Faradilla Adwina
– Kirana Srihapsari Bimoputri
– Dadi Mulyadi Nugraha
– Hasna Lathifah
– Hanifah Khairunnisa
– Aldiansyah Jafar Sidiq
– Tarmizi Pratama Putra
– Muhammad Sofwan Nugraha
– Grapefruit (Dzaky’s)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Pear (Tasya’s)
– Midget Apple (Medina’s)
– Marshmallow (Mufida’s)
– Blood Orange (Bryan’s)
– Red Delicious Apple (Bryan’s)
– Golden Delicious Apple (Gagas’)
– Granny Smith Apple (Harfiza’s)
– Obnoxious Kumquat (Hasna’s)
– Bartlett Pear (Hani’s)
– Puny Cherry (Aldi’s)
– Passion Fruit (Shafira’s)
– Gaming Grape (Kirana’s)


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