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TCoH 3, Episode 285

Oktober 13, 2015

The story started when me and Anas were talking about Fiki’s relationship with Sahda, and Tasya came to us. She said it was the first Master Detective case, to track down a thief who ran off with the countdown clock from Kennedy Space Center. I was pretty sure it was Hani. Hanifah Khairunnisa, my classmate, who has the brightest skin in X IIS 2. That same day Anas told me not to play with Fiki anymore, because he thinks of him as a “bonehead” (single man).

Anas: Get it, Dhis? You can’t play with Fiki anymore. He’s a bonehead, and you have a girlfriend.
Me: What’s that supposed to mean?
Fiki: I can tell you more about that. I do all things that a dog biscuit will do, because hell yeah, I’m a dog biscuit.
Anas: I don’t get it.
Fiki: You hear that, guys? I’m a dog biscuit! I have a girlfriend!
(crowd jeer. Fiki pulled me away from Anas)
Anas: (almost crying)
Fiki: Don’t listen to Anas. With me, OK?
Me: Yeah, right. You’re my dude.

To make a long story short, Tasya is right now staying in Fiki’s house with Fina. She’s wearing her favorite casual outfit: a cyan T-shirt and dark blue shorts with picture of wave patterns on it. She looked at the mirror.

Tasya: (thinking to herself) How soft my hair is. I wonder what shampoo did my mom give to me in my 16th birthday last Tuesday… (playing with her hair)
Fina: Hey Kak, what’s shaking?
Tasya: Oh, Fina. Nothing. Just admiring my hair.
Fina: Wanna finish our astronomy task and play some PS4? I bought a new game.
Tasya: Sure thing!

Tasya and Fina were enjoying their day with themselves. After they finished their astronomy task about astrophysics, they were now sitting on the couch, playing some Need for Speed: Rivals, nibbling on some noodle pizza, drinking squash, and chatting with each other. All of a sudden, Fiki knocked at the door and came home.

Tasya and Fina: Fiki!
Fiki: Oh, hey dudes. [I don’t know what’s the feminine term for “dude”, so shut the f**k up] You know what I’m feeling today?
Tasya: About Sahda?
Fiki: I… um… (hardly thinking, about to explode. Suddenly there were rainbows inside Fiki)
(“Shortie Like Mine” by Bow Wow featuring Chris Brown and Johnta Austin plays)

Tasya: Um… Fiki, I think you should rest. You act kinda crazy when someone mentions Sahda. You know, Talitha Sahda Nabilah from X MIA 9.
(Fiki went to his room to rest)
Fina: Who’s this Sahda girl, anyway? And why does Fiki act crazy when someone mentions her name?
Tasya: Listen. Sahda, short for Talitha Sahda Nabilah, is Fiki’s girlfriend. She used to be Yudhis’ crush in Alcent SHS, until they are confirmed to be just friends. Now after making out with Sahda, Fiki freaks out when someone mentions Sahda’s name.
Fina: Oh. Is she beautiful?
Tasya: You guessed it; long brown hair, slanted eyes, fair skin, height of 145 cm, rather slim, and cute face.
Fina: I can’t wait to see what Sahda looks like.

The next day…

Fiki: (presentating about his work) OK, guys. This is Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is entirely made out of gas that no rocket can ever land in this planet. Jupiter has many moons; the largest is Ganymede… with a diameter of bla bla bla…
Rafii: This guy sucks, Hizkia.
Hizkia: Yeah, he’s Mr. Know-It-All.
Anas: Come on, Yudhis. Teach him a lesson!
Me: Har har har, whatever you say, dudes. I’m not following you.
Hizkia: Like this. You have a straw?
Me: If by straw, you mean Okky Jelly Drink straws? (handing over a big straw)
Hizkia: You spit some spitballs at him when he’s lecturing. Then we can relax!
Me: I’m not following you guys. You just wanna harm him.
Rafii: Come on, it’s fun!
Me: No. It’s stupid and annoying, just like Orange.
Hizkia: Who cares? (now off-screen) One, two, three! (all except me spit some spitballs towards Fiki. I tried but made myself fail because I don’t wanna harm Fiki)
Fiki: Ow, ow, ow! (becomes mad) WHO SPIT SOME SPITBALLS TO ME??!?!?!?!?!?!
(I pointed at Rafii, Hizkia, and Anas with fear)
Rafii: Don’t listen to him. He’s just jealous–
Fiki: I’m not jealous. I’M MAD! And not just any mad. I’M FURIOUS! YOU ARE NOT YUDHIS’ DUDES AFTER ALL!
Anas: Whoa, whoa, calm down. We were just kidding.
Fiki: Good thing Yudhis didn’t do that to me. Now leave him alone and let him be!
(Rafii, Hizkia, and Anas left me sadly)
Fiki: We’ll be going home in no time. Trust me. We’re dudes, right? Never, and I mean never, ever, listen to that Anas. He’s not your dude.
Me: OK…

That night, me and Fiki spent a lot of time in Fiki’s upper room.

Me: Hey, dude.
Fiki: Yes?
Me: How do you feel about Sada?
Fiki: Pssh. It’s “Sah-da”. With an H. Yes, she cares about me much. She helped me with those spitballs they threw at me.
Me: Tomorrow I’ll be off to the Everglades for a quality time. Anas said you can’t go.
Fiki: That’s why I warn you never play with Anas anymore. Just play with me. Once playing with me, you can never forget me. You’re my only dude. You can’t play with everyone else. All of my BPP friends reject me.
Me: Best dudes forever!
Fiki: Best dudes fo– (Anas came to Fiki’s room) ANAS!
Anas: Hand me Yudhis!
Fiki: No. He’s my only dude, and I don’t have any friends. I’m lonely everyday.
Anas: Who cares about you being lonely?! You can’t play with Yudhis anymore! That will make him another bonehead! (random Indonesian talks) Udah, nggak apa-apa Dhis, aku mah nggak akan ninggalin kamu.
Me: Serius, bro?
Anas: Serius! Nggak usah main sama Ghafiki lagi!
(Anas gave me a friendly hug)

Fina: Great. Looks like Fiki’s jealous with Yudhis’ friendship with Anas.
Tasya: Agreed.

To Be Continued
A Walt Disney Production

– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Yudhistira Widad Mahasena (me)
– Ghafiki
– Rizky Anas Rafisyah Sutia
– Rafii Muhammad Riszikrullah (debut)
– Hizkia Abdillah (debut)
– Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Pear (Tasya’s)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Apple (mine)
– Grandpa Lemon (Fiki’s)

Trivia: Kirana’s Pokefruit, Gaming Grape, is revealed to be a Ghost-type. He can Mega Evolve using a Gaming-Grapite.


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