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Another trivia behind the Florida story

Oktober 15, 2015
  • This is my biggest role yet in TCoH history, as the story focuses on my severed friendship with Fiki due to the presence of Anas. Anas forces me to be his dude when Fiki says I am his only dude in the world.
  • Also, this story features the major role of my classmate, Kirana Srihapsari Bimoputri (a.k.a. Kirana). Kirana is like, beautiful with a cute voice, long wavy black hair, and tan skin. She debuted in the Georgia story and always wears purple clothes (even her jacket is purple). She can sing, her hobby is playing games, and her Pokefruit is Gaming Grape (a Ghost-type grape with earphones).
  • Starting from next week’s Maine story, Kirana will join the group frequently.

Complete list of Pokefruit in TCoH

  • Fina: Annoying Orange (Fire) –> Mega AnnoyingOrange (Fire/Flying)
  • Tasya: Pear (Water) –> Mega Pear (Water/Dragon)
  • Medina: Midget Apple (Grass) –> Mega MidgetApple (Grass/Steel)
  • Mufida: Marshmallow (Fairy) –> Mega Toracino (Fairy/Dark)
  • Dzaky: Grapefruit (Electric) –> Mega Grapefruit (Electric/Dragon)
  • Fiki: Grandpa Lemon (Ice) –> Mega GrandpaLemon (Ice/Dragon)
  • Kirana: Gaming Grape (Ghost) –> Mega GamingGrape (Ghost/Dark)
  • Me: Apple (Normal) –> sorry, Apple doesn’t evolve
  • Hasna: Obnoxious Kumquat (Fire) –> Mega ObnoxiousKumquat (Fire/Rock)
  • Hani: Bartlett Pear (Water) –> Mega BartlettPear (Water/Steel)
  • Aldi: Puny Cherry (Grass) –> Mega PunyCherry (Grass/Dragon)
  • Sahda: Sugarcube (Fairy) –> Mega Sugarcube (Fairy/Steel)
  • Bryan: Blood Orange (Electric) –> Mega BloodOrange (Electric/Ghost)

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