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Fiki updates and my confession

Oktober 15, 2015

I just wanna give 2 updates.

First is from my dude for 2 years, Ghafiki, a.k.a. Fiki. For the next 2 weeks I won’t be seeing him, neither I will go to his house. The reason for this because he is going to Berlin (actually he said Bali). Beforehand he left me a message that says I can’t be friends with Anas no more. Problem is, I wanna be friends with everyone, but Fiki wants me to be his only dude. He said Anas is not my dude after all, both in the story and real life. Another problem is, he won’t bring Sahda with him. So I’d tell the S-girl to take care of herself during Fiki is away.

Secondly, I wanna confess. It’s about my affection towards Hanifah Khairunnisa, my classmate. Like most Alcent girls, she wears hijab. She has the lightest skin in my class, X IIS 2. Since Sahda left the class, I start to gain affection towards Hani. But I don’t wanna ask her to be my girlfriend until class 11. Even then, what about Fina? What will be wrong with her when I become Hani’s boyfriend? I can’t do it. I will upset Fina. I’ve been 2 years with the F-girl and I don’t wanna “shoot” Hani.

If Fadhil, my best friend, was in Alcent, he’d rather be in X MIA 5 instead.

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