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Courses in Petroleum Engineering, FTTM ITB

Oktober 16, 2015

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Semester 1
1. MA1101 Calculus IA
2. FI1101 Basic Physics IA
3. KI1101 Basic Chemistry IA
4. KU1101 Concepts of Scientific Development
5. KU1001 Physical Education
6. KU1011 Scientific Writing in Indonesian
7. KU1181 Introduction to Technology of Natural Resources

Semester 2
1. MA1201 Calculus IIA
2. FI1201 Basic Physics IIA
3. KI1201 Basic Chemistry IIA
4. KU1201 Natural and Universal Systems
5. KU1073 Introduction to Information Technology C
6. KU102x Academic English

Semester 3
1. MA2074 Engineering Mathematics II
2. MA2081 Basic Statistics
3. TK3081 Basic Thermodynamics (TM)
4. IF2132 Computer Programming (TM)
5. GL2011 Basic Geology
6. TM2108 Reservoir Fluids + Project

Semester 4
1. MA3072 Numerical Mathematics
2. EL2244 Introduction to Electronics (TM)
3. GL3011 Structural Geology
4. TM2209 Petrophysics + Project
5. MS2111 Mechanics of Material Strength
6. TK3082 Introduction to Transfer Events (TM)

Semester 5
1. TM3110 Reservoir Engineering I
2. TM3104 Production Engineering
3. TM3101 Drilling Engineering I + Project
4. TM3113 Formation Testing
5. TM3114 Well Log Analysis
6. GL3052 Oil and Gas Geology

Semester 6
1. TM3211 Reservoir Engineering II
2. KU206x Religion and Ethics Course of Choice
3. TM3205 Field Processing and Transportation
4. KU2071 Pancasila and Civics
5. TM3206 Artificial Lift Well Design
6. TM3202 Drilling Engineering II
7. TM3000 Practical Work and Report Writing

Semester 7
1. TM4112 Reservoir Characterization and Modelling
2. TM4117 Natural Gas Engineering
3. TM4107 Well Stimulation
4. ZZZZZZ Management Course of Choice

Semester 8
1. TM4216 Improved Oil Recovery
2. TM4219 Geothermal Engineering
3. TM4099 Thesis
4. YYYYYY Environment Course of Choice

There are 12 elective courses in this faculty, all related to oil.

  1. TM4020 Acquisition of Nonconventional Hydrocarbons
  2. TM4021 Advanced Drilling Engineering (TM)
  3. TM4022 Carbonate Reservoirs and Natural Fracturing
  4. TM4023 Field Development Planning
  5. TM4024 Reservoir Data Processing
  6. TM4025 Optimation of Oil and Gas Field Development
  7. TM4026 Geothermal Field Development
  8. TM4028 Horizontal Drilling System
  9. TM4029 Capita Selecta of Driling
  10. TM4030 Problematics of Production
  11. TM4031 Artificial Intelligence of Petroleum
  12. TM4032 Oil and Gas Industry Regulation

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