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Hasna, Sahda, Najla, and Kirana to collaborate in new single

Oktober 16, 2015

Good news, y’all! Finally there are no more rumors about another Alcent collaboration. Hasna Lathifah, Talitha Sahda, Najla Fiss, and Kirana Srihapsari are going to collaborate in their cover of Sean Kingston’s “Take you there”. The single is set to release in late November 2015, and they will be performing under the name Tetragirls.

My homeroom teacher, Ms. Euis Wulandari, is the originator of the idea behind Tetragirls. She discovered that these girls have singing talents, and decided to make them into a group. The name Tetragirls comes from the Greek word “tetra”, meaning four in chemistry terms, and “girls”, because they’re girls.

What do you think? Do you like the Tetragirls and their first single? Happy listening!

BTW, the current TCoH 3 episode, episode 289, is the first time Kirana meets Fiki. She is a Fikilover (fan of Fiki).

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