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Annoying Orange – Trollin’

Oktober 17, 2015

Orange: (singing the tune of Deck the Halls) Dum du-dum dum dum dum dum dum, du-du-du-du-dum du-dum dum dum~
Pear: Yeah, that was, that was awesome. You write that yourself, Orange?
Orange: Yeah! I call it “Dum”. (laughs)
Troll #1: (off-screen) Yeah. Me too.
Orange: Hey, did you say something?
Pear: Not me. Maybe it was Little Apple.
Midget Apple: Quiet! I’m trying to read my book. (sighs) The font is so tiny.
Orange: I know that one! It must be Times New Midget. (laughs)
Troll #2: (off-screen) Lame.
Orange: Hey, there it is again!
Midget Apple: Yeah. Maybe it’s the new guy.
Orange: Oh, good call. Hey, hey Bonehead [referring to Dog Biscuit]! Did you say something?
Dog Biscuit: Sorry. Wasn’t me.
Orange: Ngow. Well, that doesn’t “marrow” it down. (laughs)
Troll #3: That is so old.
Orange: Hey!
Troll #1: It’s the same joke every time.
Troll #2: Totally stupid.
Orange: Who is that?
Midget Apple: Uh-oh. Don’t look now, Orange, but I think you’re being trolled.
Orange: Trolled?
(camera pans to three trolls; one has pink hair, one has orange hair, and one has blue hair. They’re all brothers)
Troll #1: That looks so fake.
Troll #3: Laaame!
(title card)
Pear: Wait-wait-wait-wait, let me get this straight. So these guys just hang around and stay stupid stuff, but they’re not oranges?
Midget Apple: No no no, oranges just annoy. These trolls, though, they’re a whole other deal.
Troll #2: This sucks. It’s not as good as it used to be.
Orange: Hey, hey naked dudes! You wanna go trolling on my motorboat? (inhales, flutters lips like a motorboat engine)
Trolls: (groan)
Orange: (continues motorboating)
Troll #1: Pssh. Thanks. There’s ten seconds of my life I’ll never get back.
Troll #3: Laaaaaaaaaame.
Orange: Hey, hey Bonehead! Hey!
Dog Biscuit: Hey, I’m not a bonehead! Stop calling me that!
Orange: What are you then? A funny bone? (laughs)
Dog Biscuit: Dude, I’m a dog biscuit!
Orange: Nuh-uh. You’re not a dog biscuit. That’s a dog biscuit.
(another biscuit appears next to Dog Biscuit, barking like a dog)
Orange: (laughs)
Troll #1: Ripoff. Family Guy did it first.
Troll #2: And the Simpsons!
Troll #3: And your mom!
Troll #1: Oh, you got pwned.
Troll #2: (stifled laughs)
Pear: It doesn’t make any sense. Why would you hang out and watch something that you hate?
Midget Apple: But that’s just it, Pear. Hate is the only thing they like.
Pear: Wow. That was really insightful, Little Apple.
Orange: Yeah, you sounded just like a shrink. (laughs)
Troll #1: Oh, I get it. It’s funny because it has two meanings.
Troll #2 and #3: Laaame!
Troll #3: Ugh. This show jumped the start so long ago.
Orange: Uh-uh, no it hasn’t.
Grandpa Lemon: Geronimooo….
Orange: Now it’s jumped the shark. (laughs)
Trolls: (groan)
Troll #3: Seriously, who watches this crap?
Midget Apple: (groans) Forget this. I’m going back to my book and– Hey, where’s my magnifying– Marshmallow, give it back!
Marshmallow: Yay! I’m the Statue of Liberty! (giggles)
Orange: Hey, good looking out, Marshmallow. (laughs)
Troll #1: Urgh! I hate Marshmallow.
Troll #2: Can you say “Ewok”?
Troll #3: Laaame! (his stomach is burning)
Troll #1: (sniffs) You guys smell something?
Troll #2: Yeah, it’s the orange, he stinks.
Troll #3: Laaa– (burns) –AAAAAAAAAAAAA–
Orange: Whoa!
Pear: Wow!
Troll #3: —aaame!
Midget Apple: Oh no! It’s the magnifying glass!
Marshmallow: Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs!
Pear: Marshmallow! You’ve gotta stop!
Troll #1: That is so fake.
Troll #2: Totally Photoshopped.
Orange: And that’s why, never use hairspray. (laughs)
Pear: Hey, what happened to Dog Biscuit?
Orange: Yeah, and Bonehead’s missing too.
Troll #1: Oh, let me guess. He’s gonna be all “Knife!”.
Troll #2: Ugh, so predictable.
Troll #1: Knife!
Troll #2: Kniiiife.
Troll #1: Knife!
Orange: Hey, hey trolls! Hey trolls, hey!
Troll #1: Here it comes…
Troll #2: Oh, great, yeah, this is the part where I’m supposed to scream “aaaaaaahhhhhh”.
Orange: Hey trolls, over here! Hey, trolls!
Troll #1: Urgh! What? What is it, Orange? What do you want?
Orange: Dog.
(Cuddles bites Trolls #1 and #2 to death)
Pear: Uh.
Midget Apple: Wow!
(epic death scene)
Orange: Yikes! He really got chewed out. (laughs) Ooh, ow.
Pear: Well, I guess we know what happened to Dog Biscuit.
Orange: What are you guys talking about? He’s fine.
Pear: Whaaa?
Midget Apple: Huh?
(Marshmallow was seen riding on “Dog Biscuit”)
Marshmallow: Yay! Giddy up, doggy! (giggles)
(all laugh)

I don’t own AO.

– Orange
– Pear
– Midget Apple
– Marshmallow
– Trolls
– Dog Biscuit
– “Dog Biscuit” (minor role)
– Grandpa Lemon (minor role)
– Cuddles


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