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Courses in Geodetic Engineering, FITB ITB

Oktober 18, 2015

My cousin, Tom, is here 🙂

Semester 1
1. MA1101 Mathematics IA
2. FI1101 Basic Physics IA
3. KI1101 Basic Chemistry IA
4. KU1101 Introduction to Engineering and Design I
5. KU1011 Scientific Writing in Indonesian
6. KU1163 Introduction to Geoscience and Technology

Semester 2
1. MA1201 Mathematics IIA
2. FI1201 Basic Physics IIA
3. KI1201 Basic Chemistry IIA
4. KU1201 Introduction to Engineering and Design I
5. KU102x Academic English (KU1021/KU1022/KU1023)
6. KU1001 Physical Education
7. KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology B

Semester 3
1. KU206x Religion and Ethics
2. GD2101 Position Determination I
3. GD2102 Geometrical Geodesy
4. GD2103 Statistics of Geodesy
5. GD2104 Geodetic Computation I
6. GD2105 Introduction to Spatial Systems
7. GD2106 Geospatial Expedition (Field College)

Semester 4
1. GD2201 Position Determination II
2. KU2071 Pancasila and Civics
3. GD2202 Geometrical Reference Systems
4. GD2203 Estimations and Approximations
5. GD2204 Geodetic Computation II
6. GD2205 Satellite Geodesy
7. GD2206 Geospatial Laws and Regulations

Semester 5
1. GD3101 Terrestrial Mapping
2. GD3102 Hydrography I
3. GD3103 Photogrammetry I
4. GD3104 Spatial Database
5. GD3105 GNSS Surveying

Semester 6
1. GD3201 Cartography
2. GD3202 Hydrography II
3. GD3203 Photogrammetry II
4. GD3204 Thematic Mapping
5. GD3205 Remote Sensing
6. GD3206 Work Camp

Semester 7
1. GD4101 Geographic Information Systems
2. GD4102 Cadastral Systems
3. GD4103 Environmental Geography
4. GD4001 Practical Work

Semester 8
1. GD4202 Quality Management
2. GD4002 Thesis
3. GD4201 Geospatial Information Industry

There are 13 elective courses here, all related to… mapping!
1. GD2001 Introduction to Surveying
2. GD2002 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
3. GD2003 Introduction to Mapping
4. GD3106 Basics of Physical Geodesy
5. GD4104 Environmental Remote Sensing
6. GD4105 Hydroinformatics
7. GD4106 Constructional Surveying
8. GD4107 Capita Selecta
9. GD4203 Quantity Surveying
10. GD4204 Deformation
11. GD4205 Territorial Sea Baseline
12. GD4206 Geographic Information System Engineering
13. GD4207 Marine Geodesy


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