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TCoH 3, Episode 291

Oktober 18, 2015

Previous story:
With Sahda abducted in the hands of Rafii, Hizkia, and Anas, and Fina and Tasya trapped in the JFK Space Center by Hani, it’s up to me and Fiki to save them.

Me and Fiki: (singing) Rafii udah nggak rameee~ Si Anas bikin beteee~ Hizkia bau peteee~
Fiki: (singing) Mending ku temenan sama Yudhis, aye~ Dia bisa ngertiin gue, aye~ Dia satu-satunya– (tires burst)
Me: Hey, dude.
Fiki: Yes?
Me: I think we’ve got ourselves a flat tire. All four.
Fiki: WHAAAT?! (didn’t notice but then saw all four tires of the car burst)
Fiki: It’s too late… someone shot the tire burst in the spot!
Me: But we must have faith. Maybe we can find a tire repairman nearby in Miami.

Tire repairman: I’m sorry, but I only repair one tire at a time.
Fiki: You don’t understand anything, Sir! I have a girlfriend and she is abducted by my dude’s evil friends!
Tire repairman: (gasps) Are you Ghafiki, that famous “How to save a life” singer? And your girlfriend is Telida Sada [how US people pronounce “Talitha Sahda”]? Great! Great! I’m a fan of both!
Fiki: Sorry, Sir, but she prefers her name to be pronounced “Sah-Da”.
Tire repairman: Oh. But that’s how I pronounce her name. You’re Indonesians, right? I’m Lionel. Nice to meet you.
Me: Thanks, Sir. Now repair our car.
Lionel: Be patient. The repairing will take 4 hours.

To make a long story short…

Tasya: Pear, use Hydro Pump!
(Pear used Hydro Pump on Bartlett, which turned out unsuccessful)
Hani: Dodge it!
(Bartlett dodged)
Hani: Use Ice Fang on Pear!
(Bartlett’s teeth start to glow blue and he bit Pear)
Tasya: Oh no! Pear!
(Pear refused to give up)
Tasya: Pear, use Waterfall on Bartlett and show them who’s boss!
(Pear used Waterfall on Bartlett, and almost knocked him out flawlessly)
Hani: I just won’t give up! Now, Bartlett, use Dive + Aqua Jet and knock him out!
(Unable to dodge, Pear was almost knocked out by Bartlett’s combination of Dive and Aqua Jet)

NOTE: Kirana was on the JFK Space Center, only to find out that Sahda was turned into a steel statue by Rafii’s Ferrothorn’s Mirror Shot.

Fiki: Here we are, dude. The John F. Kennedy Space Center. Come on, let’s find our girlfriends and rescue them!
(random Indonesian talks)
Rafii: Naaah, mau ke mana, hah? (pulled me away from Fiki)
Anas: Nggak akan pernah. Dia sahabat kita sekarang dan udah nggak bisa terpisahkan lagi.
Fiki: Lo nggak ngerti apa-apa! Dia tuh satu-satunya sahabat gue! Gue tuh nggak punya temen. Dan sekarang tambah lagi lo masih ngeledekin gue jomblo gara-gara gue pacaran sama Sahda?! Lo tuh nggak paham situasi! GUE NGGAK JOMBLO, GUE PUNYA PACAR! (almost broke down to tears)
Hizkia: Kita bakal kembaliin Yudhis kalo lo akhirnya ngaku jomblo. Tapi karena nggak pernah lo lakuin, ya udah. Dia punya kita sekarang!


Hani: Now you see, Bartlett is already a Mega Pokefruit, and your Pear is nothing but a boring fruit! In your face, Tasya. In your face!
Tasya: You don’t understand! Been working with Hits Radio for almost 2 years, and this is how we’re treated? Being berated by an apple and her pet pear bigger than me? You should be ashamed on yourself!
Hani: But I’m an apple, and that’s what I do!
Tasya: You ARE an apple! Now it’s time to– Huh? (noticing that Pear is glowing blue and slowly turning into an aquatic reptile-like Pokemon) Fina, Fina! Pear’s Mega Evolving!
Fina: Really? That’s incredible!
Tasya: Pear! You’re Mega Pear!
Mega Pear: It is I, Mega Pear, now with more flaw and less boredom! Watch me beat that stupid Bartlett Pear!
Tasya: Mega Pear, use Dragon Tail!
(Mega Pear used Dragon Tail on Bartlett Pear and reduced his HP)
Hani: Not cool, Tasya! Not cool! Bartlett, keep it with the Avalanche!
Tasya: Dodge it before he can even attack!
(Mega Pear flawlessly dodged Bartlett’s Avalanche)
Tasya: Now use Waterfall!
(After a ton of attacks, Mega Pear starts to glow blue)
Hani: You know what, Tasya? You and Pear are out of control! You know what’s the consequence of this?
Orange: Hydro Cannon?
(record scratches)

Fiki: Inget, sekali lagi lo bilang gue itu jomblo dan Sahda bukan pacar gue, gue bakal laporin ke guru BK supaya di-DO dari SMA Alcent!
Hizkia: Ah, terserah kita! Lo kan bukan anak Alcent! Sekarang udah, lo nggak boleh lagi deket-deket Yudhis ama Sahda! Yudhis sahabat kita, Sahda bukan pacar lo! Lo jomblo!
Orange: (from inside the trap) No! Hydro Cannon!
Hani: AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! (was thrown into outer space by Pear’s newly-mastered Hydro Cannon) Whoa, that was out of this world! (laughs) What? Too soon? (falls again) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (fell into a cage)

Hanifah Khairunnisa captured!
Florida thanks Master Detective Tasya Annisa
for returning the countdown clock from Kennedy Space Center.

Me: That’s OK, dude. Everything’s back to normal. (noticed Fiki crying) Dude? Are you OK? That’s OK. Don’t cry. Everything’s under control now–
Fiki: (crying with loud sobs) I’m sorry, dude! Forgive me!
Me: Hey, what’s wrong?
Fiki: I… I was wrong. All this time my friends are jealous because I dated Sahda. I’m so lonely. I don’t have any friends. All my friends stay away from me because they discovered my relationship with Sahda. I… I’m sorry! Forgive me, my family, my BPP friends, all my words that state you are my only friend!
Me: That’s OK. Every people are social people. They can’t live without other people.
Fiki: Now you can be friends with Anas and the others. They’re your dudes now. (gave me a hug)
Rafii: Ghaf, maafin kita ya. Kita nggak tau kalo lo pacaran sama Sahda. Kirain semua bakal membaik pada akhirnya, taunya kita iri. Kita tau kok, iri itu dilarang dalam agama Islam. Sesama Islam kan nggak boleh merasakan iri, jadi maafin kita ya… maafin gue, Hizkia, sama Anas yang selama ini jahat sama lo! (also crying)
Fiki: Iya, gue maafin kok!
Sahda: Hey, are you forgetting me?
Fiki: No, of course not, sweetie. I love you always~
All: Awwww…
Tasya: Oh, now I know which is Sahda.
Fina: Yeah, she is beautiful.


Fiki: Alright, you guys, I won’t be seeing you guys for the next 2 weeks.
Dzaky: Why?
Fiki: I’m going to Berlin for a school program. You see, my school, BPP Vocational High School, has a special program every year where a student is sent abroad to study. I am the only one from Tata Boga to go to Berlin.
Medina: Mas, don’t go. I’m gonna miss you. So does Yudhis, Fina, Tasya, Mufida, Dzaky, and Sahda.
Fiki: Me too, but we have to be brave. Don’t cry.
(all cry as Fiki departs to Germany)
Medina: Be safe, Mas! Don’t forget to bring souvenirs!
Fiki: I won’t!
Sahda: Hope you have fun in Berlin, honey!
Fiki: Thanks, Sahda! I love you always! You are the best girl I ever had!
(everyone’s still crying)
Rafii: Udah, Dhis. Nggak usah nangis lagi.
Anas: Sekarang kamu udah boleh temenan sama Ghafiki lagi, kok. Kamu nggak usah sedih lagi. Kita punya pacar, dan dia juga.
Rafii: Yuk, aku traktir es krim.

(Kirana comes by to our Heroes, approaching them)
Kirana: Hey, can I replace Fiki?
Fina: Sure!
All: HOORAY!!!

And at the end of their Florida journey, with Hani arrested and the countdown clock returned, our Heroes are 9 states away to access for the Lost City. They finally found a new friend, Kirana Srihapsari Bimoputri. As their journey continues!

The End
A Walt Disney Production

– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Afiany Nur Fadhilah
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Medina Ramadhany
– Ghafiki
– Yudhistira Widad Mahasena
– Rafii Muhammad Riszikrullah
– Hizkia Abdillah
– Rizky Anas Rafisyah Sutia
– Kirana Srihapsari Bimoputri
– Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Hanifah Khairunnisa
– Pear (Tasya’s)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Marshmallow (Mufida’s)
– Grapefruit (Dzaky’s)
– Midget Apple (Medina’s)
– Grandpa Lemon (Fiki’s)
– Gaming Grape (Kirana’s)
– Simisage (Rafii’s)
– Ferrothorn (Rafii’s)
– Simisear (Hizkia’s)
– Heatmor (Hizkia’s)
– Simipour (Anas’)
– Barbaracle (Anas’)
– Bartlett Pear (Hani’s)
– Sugarcube (Sahda’s)


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