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An uncertain post :v

Oktober 21, 2015

Sorry, I have no idea what to write about today.

BTW, about Ireland in Junior Eurovision, the current finalists are:
– David Kennedy – “Fuar”
– Aimee Banks – “Realta na mara”

I have some bad news and some good news, the bad news is that I suddenly start to hate geography class since I got only 50 in the subject. So I wasn’t very active in geography class that day. The good news is, Edho Zell is going to release his debut self-titled album soon. (I don’t know if this is wrong or right, so sorry about that) The album is still in process, and will feature 13 songs, 4 of which are his original songs. The 9 others are parody of famous songs.

In my imagination, Edho Zell is of Irish origin.


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