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Story behind the “Fuar” music video

Oktober 21, 2015

You might wonder what is the meaning behind the 2 latest posts in Sahda’s Instagram, @talithasahdan. She took 2 new pictures in the Dusun Bambu Leisure Family Park, Lembang, Bandung. You might wonder why, and the answer is because she is shooting the music video for Edho Zell’s “Fuar”, in which she is featured in. The music video also features my dude for almost 2 years and her boyfriend, and you know who he is. The “How to save a life” singer, Ghafiki!

The story behind the music video
The music video begins with Sahda singing the intro of the song, which is in Irish. As the song begins, Edho raps the first verse. Sahda then was seen walking in a forest, feeling down. During the chorus, she was seen sitting under a tree with Fiki, talking to him, crying. Fiki then lip-syncs the second verse, although he is not featured in the song, which was then cut by Edho. Edho continued rapping his verse flawlessly. The music video continues with Sahda singing the rest of the song in Irish on a small cottage, and ends with Fiki kissing her (oops).

Rumors now fly that Edho will shoot the video for “Realta na mara” this Friday, collaborating with fellow rapper Hasna Lathifah (you know her, riiight~) and featuring Maulani “Maul” Salsabila. What is actually an operatic pop song turns into an operatic hip-hop/R&B song on the hands of this owner of full name Edho Zell Pratama. Edho and Hasna rap verses in this song, and Maul provides guest vocals. She can hit the high notes. The chorus is still on Irish, though, so you might never understand what Maul is singing. However, both Edho and Hasna rap their verses in English. The song, “Realta na mara”, literally means “Star of the sea”.


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