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The Repertoire: A TCoH 3 Special

Oktober 25, 2015

Commemorating Aldi’s imprisonment! Set in the late 90’s.

Once upon a time, there lived 4 mighty men. They are Aldi, Hida, Virgil, and Natael. They live together in harmony.

One day when they were camping in the battlegrounds, they heard the sound of a baby crying. That baby was Medina for some reason. (This is not based on the real story) One of them decided to adopt her and taught her to fly a VFA-106 F/A-18C Hornet plane above the Surabaya Naval Air Show.

On the other side of the land, there lived a group of 5 men called the Thunderbolts; Edho Zell, Chandraliow, Daniel Kevin, Tommy Lim, and Kevin Anggara. They were disguised as women. When they heard the sound of a fighter jet flying above them, they ran away quickly, but fell off a cliff.

Medina then defeated Aldi with a devastating blow of a Frenzy Plant from her tiny Midget Apple. Aldi was arrested, never to see her again, or his 3 colleagues. And they lived happily ever after.

The End

This is Fiki’s request story. He told me to do “The Repertoire” when I was halfway asleep.


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