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TCoH 3 Specials

Oktober 26, 2015

Last night I received a request from Fiki to do a short story based on the TCoH 3 series. I was awkward to do it, but I happily accepted the request. And here it goes. I will adapt the TCoH 3 Specials into animated shorts after I’ve done the stories. I work together with Gagas and Bryan, my good friends in X IIS 2. Bryan is very good in animation.

The TCoH 3 Specials come in 3 stories; “The Repertoire”, “The Rendezvous”, and “The Revolution”. They mainly focus in the story of the origin of a certain Hits Hero. “The Repertoire”, the first TCoH 3 special, focuses in the origin of Medina. I will do a special every end of month. This November, I will write “The Rendezvous”, focusing on the origin of Fina.


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