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Story behind the TCoH 3 specials

Oktober 27, 2015

As time flows, my friendship with the X IIS 2 kids have become closer and closer. We are happy together, never separated. Under the education of Ms. Euis Wulandari, our homeroom teacher, X IIS 2 has a slogan: “IIS DUA TIADA DUA”, IIS 2 has no two. Ada suka, ada duka. Itulah kita~

From that request to do “The Repertoire” and the other TCoH 3 specials by Fiki, I had an idea to collaborate with my friends, Bryan and Gagas, to make them into animated shorts. I watched a lot of Donald Duck when I was younger, maybe in my preschool years. Combining those two ideas, making a Disney-style animation and TCoH 3, should be a great idea. I contacted Bryan to make an animation club. And there it is, The Varokah Trio. Me, Bryan, and Gagas.

Here is the idea of the 3 TCoH 3 specials; “The Repertoire”, “The Rendezvous”, and “The Revolution”.
– “The Repertoire” = 1940’s-style 2D animation, focusing on the origin of Medina, and how she was able to fly a VFA-146 fighter plane when she was a baby
– “The Rendezvous” = anime, focusing on the origin of Fina, how her relationship with me has gone even more romantic in front of the statue near the Bandung Train Station
– “The Revolution” = modern 3D computer animation, focusing on the origins of Tasya, Dzaky, and Mufida, how they can have superpowers like abnormal humans because they’re the Hits Heroes

Background music for each short:
– “The Repertoire”: “Viva la vida” by Coldplay
– “The Rendezvous”: “Yo (Excuse me miss)” by Chris Brown
– “The Revolution”: “Sexual eruption” by Snoop Dogg


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