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It’s gonna be November… soon

Oktober 28, 2015

November. The 11th month in a year. Our Heroes have bigger jobs than in this month, October. Let’s have a look at the states that our Heroes will visit in November…

44. New Hampshire (November 2-8)
45. Massachusetts (November 9-15)
46. Rhode Island (November 16-22)
47. Connecticut (November 23-29)
48. New Jersey (November 30)

Arrests in November:
– New Hampshire: Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Massachusetts: Hasna Lathifah
– Rhode Island: Arkyn Khalfani Nazmi Sumakul
– Connecticut: Harits Maulana Muzakki

Responsible Hero for each state in November:
– New Hampshire: Mufida
– Massachusetts: Fina
– Rhode Island: Fina
– Connecticut: Medina

Loots in November:
– New Hampshire: all the boxes from the presidential primary
– Massachusetts: all the socks from the Boston Red Sox
– Rhode Island: The Breakers mansion
– Connecticut: all the hour hands from all the clocks in the American Clock and Watch Museum

The first 2 states in November are the states where Marshmallow evolves into a Mega Toracino (Marshmallow is now a Toracino, a wolf-based Pokemon and the final evolved form of Minccino) and Orange evolves into Mega Annoying Orange, a phoenix-based Mega Pokemon.

Back in my junior years of high school, I could think of the friendship between Fina and Mufida as the friendship between Hasna and Najla. Like Hasna calling Najla “Kak Najel”, Mufida called Fina “Kak Fina”. And you know what? November 26 is my big day, when I will do “The Rendezvous” special.

And I also discovered that I’m still gonna continue the TCoH series and make it into a tetralogy. In TCoH 4: Lights, Camera, Hits!, the original Hits Heroes are retired and our Heroes; Fina, Mufida, Tasya, Dzaky, Medina, and Kirana are becoming Hollywood stars! They become popular in Indonesia, the US, and the world, and they are gonna star in their own MOVIE! OOOWWW! How impressive is that?


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