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Oktober 30, 2015

My anger with Faiz has gotten to the top of it. Now I’m so angry that I wanna cry my feelings out because I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I thought Faiz, Rafii, and Hizkia are going to be my best friends, but turned out they never are. I guess it’s the time I will move to X MIA 5. Guess I got the same fate as Sahda, moving from IIS to MIA for being unable to stand someone’s behavior. I guess it was really me doing Sahda bad after all that she moved to X MIA 9 T___T

But both my parents and the rest of my friends in X IIS 2 disagree about me moving to X MIA 5. Assuming I got bad marks in physics during my junior years of high school, they don’t want me to fail a grade because I just moved to the class. However, I keep on insisting to move to X MIA 5, because the kids there study hard and are even more calmer. None of the kids there act negative towards me. Maybe they’re right. Faiz, Rafii, and Hizkia also never allow me to move class. They will lose someone who can be bullied. That means they love me so much.

But if I do have to move to X MIA 5… #PleaseRememberMeIIS2 😥 Probably one last bully from Faiz, Rafii, and Hizkia tomorrow


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