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Snippet of TCoH 3, Episode 312

November 8, 2015

Fiki’s final episode…

Fiki’s band lost at the band final. When he got home, he wanted to have a lunch, but what he found everywhere in the kitchen was ballot boxes. So that was what Sahda hid this time, her secrets! Fiki was very angry.

Fiki: SAHDA!
Sahda: Yes, honey?
Fiki: What did you just hide in my kitchen?
Sahda: Nothing, why?
Fiki: SO THAT WAS WHAT YOU HID?! You stole all the ballot boxes from the presidential primary! You said it yourself, this is big people’s country. And now, let’s face it. Kita putus~
Sahda: What?!
Fiki: You’re under arrest!

Snippet, that means not the full story. I’m too lazy to write, all because of a severe anger issue yesterday -___-

Cast (no need to tell this, they’re famous): Mufida, Fiki, Sahda, Tasya, Dzaky, Najla, Fina, Hasna, and their Pokemon

This is Fiki’s last episode in the TCoH tetralogy. On the Massachusetts story onwards, he will be completely absent for he is returning to Indonesia because his paternal grandmother has died (actually 2 weeks ago). He will also focus on his music career as both a soloist and the vocalist of his new band.


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