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The idea behind “The Rendezvous” (remake)

November 11, 2015

The other day, Fiki told me to write the 2nd TCoH Special, “The Rendezvous”. He told me to use his version of the story over and over, but since I’m an anti-mainstream person, I decided to make my version instead.

The idea:
The story is based on how me and Fina met near a golden statue of Nick Carter (member of Backstreet Boys). I danced on the way to Fina. She saw me shyly, but then became delighted. Then we both saw the statue, it was pure gold. Fina said to me that Backstreet Boys is her favorite Western musical group. I nodded politely. But all of a sudden, Edho Zell’s troops aimed at us. We quickly endured. I sent out my Apple and Fina sent out her Annoying Orange. Edho’s troops quickly lost. In the end, we both had lunch in a nearby seafood restaurant. Ah, romantic~


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