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The Rendezvous: A TCoH 3 Special

November 25, 2015

Let’s get romantic!

It all started this evening when I got home from school. The angkot driver dropped me near the golden relic statue of Nick Carter. As I got down from my angkot, I saw my one and only Fina. She waved at me. As if I was flying from happiness. I danced all the way to her. When I arrived near Fina, we saw the statue of Nick Carter. She said to me that Backstreet Boys has been always her favorite 90’s music group. I agreed with her.

Suddenly, we saw some people scurrying on the streets of Bandung. Me and Fina wondered what happened and we saw 3 of my teachers who dubbed themselves the Trolls; Mr. Tarmizi, Mr. Sofwan, and Mr. Dadi. They said it was too late. We’d been robbed. But we never gave up. I sent out my Apple and Fina sent out her Annoying Amazing Orange. The Trolls were successfully beaten.

We did it! We took one last look of the statue, and we had lunch in the Everfresh Seafood Restaurant (or in my case, HDL 293 Cilaki). Ahh, romantic times…

Stay tuned on December as I continue with the origins of Tasya, Dzaky, and Mufida on “The Revolution”. Thank you for being you, XOXO! *Edho Zell mode on*



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