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TCoH 3, Episode 333

November 29, 2015

How Medina acquired the Light Blue Gem of Art.

Nadya and Mas Ghifari were involved in a fight when they were walking towards where Harits was hiding. Ardina was with them.

Ardina: Oh, would you two stop fighting?!
Nadya: But he’s ruining my soup! And that’s what makes our friendship on the loose!
Mas Ghifari: I never did that! She always thinks negative about me and that’s final!
Ardina: But I thought you always think positive!
Mas Ghifari: I’ve ALWAYS been thinking positive. But now she’s scowling at me all over!
Nadya: He did it first!
Nadya and Mas Ghifari: Bla, bla, bla, bla…
Ardina: (random Indonesian talks start) Udah, udah! Nggak mau lanjut gue. Urusin aja sahabat lo yang nggak bisa dikasih tahu itu dan gue mau angkat kaki dari sini! BHAY! [that’s her catchphrase]
Mas Ghifari: Dina! Dina, sini! Jangan marah! Kita cuma salah paham!

Along the way, Ardina nagged.

Ardina: Stupid music-and-art-lovers. They said they’re dudes, but all they do is fighting and thinking negative to each others? I’d better move to Uzbekistan. Or I can spend my days sitting on the attic alone. Now what? That still Annoying Orange thing warning me about that stupid knife? I could just– AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
Mas Ghifari: That sounds like Ardina!
Nadya: And she needs our help!
(Suddenly Harits appeared behind them)
Harits: Where do you think you’re going, huh?
Mas Ghifari: HOLY S**T! IT’S HARITS!
Harits: You’re gonna die. No more time for self surviving. (pushed Nadya and Mas Ghifari)
Nadya and Mas Ghifari: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Medina, who was busy playing her PSP which Ghafiki (now Fiki wants to be called by his full name instead) bought her 2 months ago, heard some screaming. Thinking it was Nadya, Mas Ghifari, and Ardina, she rushed into the cave to check out. And sure enough, the said three were floating on a sea of sulfur. They were unconscious. Medina cried a tear.

Harits: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Where do you think you’re going, Medina?
Medina: For the last time, you can’t mess up with someone’s job!
Harits: Bullying won’t solve anything.
Harits: Self-defense.
Medina: Self-de– Good Lord, you’re still heartbreaking!
Harits: I’m not heartbreaking, I’m–
Medina: Let me guess; Harits. HA! F**king hilarious! Yeah. [remember “Monster Burger” episode]
Harits: But I am Harits Maulana Muzakki. The Heartbreaking Harits. So what do you want, monster?
Medina: I’m not a monster, just a simple, humble Medina Ramadhany! And I’m here to claim the Light Blue Gem of Art so I can gain access to the Lost City!
Harits: Lost City, huh? Sounds too good to be true. But first… you have to face me. (devilish laugh)

Boss fight (reference to Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackers): Harits
Level name: Cave of Treasures

Interlude: Ghafiki called me from the phone, marking his reappearance although voice-only. I was playing with Anas and Fina in Washington, D.C.

Ghafiki: Hey, dude.
Me: (trying to close the phone with a piece of paper) Ya? Ya? Halo? Halo? Nggak kedengeran! Sinyalnya putus-putus!
Ghafiki: What? The signal’s constantly disconnected? OK, talk later then. See ya! Assalamu’alaikum!
Me: Phew. I’m glad it’s over.
Anas: Nah, gitu dong! Kamu kan dude aku.
Me: Hey dude, mau makan siang? Makku bikinin kakap tepung.
Anas: Hayu aja aku mah!
Fina: Aku juga, sayang!

Meanwhile, in the Lost City.

Uncle Amru: YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US! Been nearly a year since we’re trapped in here, and this is how you treat us? Still being berated by the same talking orange?
Mr. Mato: Rules are rules. We can’t let you pass, unless those Heroes claimed all 7 gems and gained access to this city.
Ms. Wilda: And you can’t eat anything but just this; milipede stir-fry with tarantula blood sauce. As for you, Rizky, you can only drink Begitu Saja instead of your favorite Kita Bisa.
Rizky: But Kita Bisa’s my favorite drink! Oh s**t, why are you doing this to me?
Indri: That’s OK, Rizky. We can get out from here as long we’re still alive. But… where’s Medina?

The battle between Medina and Harits never stopped, although everybody tried their best. In the final round, Midget Apple rocked that furious Frenzy Plant and knocked Harits out. The cave collapsed, and Ardina, Mas Ghifari, and Nadya managed to go out from the cave. But they still hadn’t regained consciousness.

Medina: Just one more thing to do. (called Arap in Indonesian) Halo, benar ini dengan Kak Dokter Arap? Ya, ini kakakku dan teman-temannya pingsan setelah tenggelam dalam lautan belerang. Ke Connecticut, segera.
Arap: OK, Kakak segera ke sana. (facing me, Anas, and Fina who were busy playing “Tepok Nyamuk”). Yudhis, Anas, Fina. Kakak harus ke Connecticut. Ada pasien memerlukan bantuan Kakak.
Anas: Gapapa, Kak. Kita hargain itu.

Just ignore the part where Arap cured Nadya and the other 2 people. After being scrubbed mountain laurel oil, they regained consciousness.

Arap: Medina, mengenai pingsannya kakakmu itu, itu bukan belerang. Itu asam sulfat. Tergolong asam kuat, jadi mudah memengaruhi alam sekitar. Jangan nangis, Med. Kakak nggak mau kamu sedih terus. Kamu harus bersyukur kakakmu diobati oleh sang “Gamers Ganteng”.
Medina: Tapi katanya Kakak dokter?
Arap: Kakak bukan dokter. Kakak hanya seorang gamers.

Nadya: Medina, I don’t have words to describe how I feel after you cleared all my states. You saved my life. To show my gratitude, I’d like to give you this. My Light Blue Gem of Art. You can have it.
Medina: Thanks.
Ardina: Terima kasih udah nyelametin Kakak. Oh ya, kita belum kenalan. Nama Kakak, Ardina Putri. Kakak adalah seorang selebgram dan lama kenal dengan Kak Nadya. Kamu bisa panggil Kakak Dina aja.
Medina: Aku Medina Ramadhany. Panggil Medina aja.
Ardina: Salam kenal.

With the Light Blue Gem of Art on hand, Medina and Ardina went to Washington, D.C. Nadya went along with them. Mas Ghifari waved them goodbye.

Mas Ghifari: Sampai jumpa, adikku! Kita akan bertemu lagi!
Mufida: Oh ya, Mas nggak bilang pengen nganter aku ke New Jersey?
Mas Ghifari: APA?!?! (as in TV series)

The End
A Walt Disney Production

– Medina Ramadhany
– Nadya Dianissa Suhernowo
– Ghifari
– Ardina Putri
– Yudhistira Widad Mahasena (me)
– Rizky Anas Rafisyah Sutia
– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Ghafiki (voice only)
– Reza “Arap” Oktovian
– Harits Maulana Muzakki
– Midget Apple (Medina’s)

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