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TCoH 3, Episode 334

November 30, 2015

Beginning of the New Jersey story.

Mufida: So this is New Jersey… awesome! Beautiful beaches, clean air, good food. I think I’m craving for some fried lobster right now.
Mas Ghifari: Me, too. But we’ve gotta stop here first. Cape May. This is where I spent my years as a baby. I will introduce you to my good friend, Aulion Wirizqi. He’s an egyptologist and member of Indovidgram.

(random Indonesian talks)
Mas Ghifari: Wesss… pakabar, Yon?
Aulion: Sehat aja, Ghif. Kamu?
Mas Ghifari: Gue sehat. Gue bawa sahabat ke sini.
Aulion: Kita kayaknya belum saling kenal. Nama kamu siapa?
Mufida: Mufida. Mufida Ashari Muthmainah.
Aulion: Nama kamu bagus juga. Oh ya, nama Kakak, Aulion Wirizqi. Panggil Kakak Aulion aja. Kakak di sini akan jadi pembinamu. Pertama kali ke New Jersey?
Mufida: Iya.
Aulion: (back to English) Good. Now this is your last state with Ghifari. You see, we’ve got problems in our beloved Garden State. Look.
(Aulion showed something like a virtual game console)
Julia (in holographic form): You’ve got a new job in New Jersey! The entire Garden State is in a state of gridlock, because someone stole the Jersey Turnpike! The busiest toll road on the East Coast is gone, and you’ve gotta find it, gumshoe. And don’t forget to use a deck change. Good luck!
Aulion: So you see, you can’t quit. The fate of New Jersey rests in your hands. If you passed this state, well–
Mas Ghifari: I’ll give her this Blue Gem of Science and Technology. Got it? Mufida, you can go inspect the Cape May Point Lighthouse. It’s pretty far away from here, but the walk is worth it. We’ll be waiting right here. But watch out for that obnoxious Ifal. He’s gonna beat you in your last battle!
Mufida: Roger that, Mas Ghifari! I’m on my way!

Aulion: You know, that Mufida out there is beautiful like Cleopatra.
Mas Ghifari: Exactly.

Boss stage: Cape May Point Lighthouse
Boss: Ifal


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