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TCoH 3, Episode 335

Desember 1, 2015

This episode mainly focuses on the YouTube Rewind 2015 Indonesia planning, and the new Hits Heroes who came from being members of Indovidgram; Arap, Ardina, Aulion, Devina, and Edho. Hits Radio’s old chief, Nicko, is opening the meeting.

Nicko: Alright, first off, I want to say welcome December, the last month of every year. I want to ask you something: how does it feel when finding out that you’re going to be new Hits Heroes next year?
Arap: I never thought that before. Even I’m accompanying 5 kids, all talented and beautiful and handsome. Me, Ardina, and 3 other new Heroes are permanently part of Hits Radio next year.
Ardina: Before I actually became a Hits Hero, this girl saved my life in Connecticut. Her name is Medina, and yes, she is the younger sister of a teen singer, Ghafiki. I’m his biggest fan, and when I found out that Medina can sing and perform well on shows, I agreed with being a Hits Hero next year.
Arap: Surprisingly, 3 other Heroes are not here right now. They are Aulion, Devina, and Edho.  If they were here now, this meeting will continue as planned.
Nicko: Alright, alright. Enough said. Right now, here are the plans for TCoH 4: Lights, Camera, Hits!, where our Heroes will gain global fame and be asked to star in their own movie. YouTube Rewind 2015 Indonesia has finished shooting, and we’ll wait for the play date.

Plans for Hits Radio 2016:
– Bangun Pagi (Edho x Tasya)
– Hits 911 (Fina)
– Ngintips (Ardina x Medina)
– Hits List (Tasya)
– Hits Sore/Persib Day (Arap/Fina)
– Kumpulan Playlist Terkeren (Medina)
– Merem Melek (Mufida/Dzaky)
– Dengerin Musik Malam
– Hits Morning Weekend (Devina)
– Panas Hits Radio (Edho/Aulion/Fina)
– Have Fun Go Hits (Ardina)
– Love in Hits (Arap)

This marks a new beginning for me: beginning the production of The Chronicles of Hits 4: Lights, Camera, Hits!


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