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TCoH 4 plans

Desember 11, 2015

2015 has ended. But this year, in 2016, join our Hits Heroes as they gather together in their last adventure in the The Chronicles of Hits tetralogy; TCoH 4: Lights, Camera, Hits! New friends, new rivals, but same goal: to be True Hits Heroes! They gotta find the last piece of the Hits Radio Amulet that can save Indonesia and the world.

Maybe based on a Sonic game…

UPDATE: TCoH 4’s title is changed into “TCoH 4: The Last Adventure?”, as it will not be our Heroes’ final adventure together. The last sequel of TCoH will be “TCoH 5: Homecoming”, and will run from 2017 until mid-2018. Thus The Chronicles of Hits will be a pentalogy.


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