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TCoH 4 main idea revealed!

Desember 13, 2015

In 2016, the main idea for The Chronicles of Hits 4: Lights, Camera, Pants! has been revealed. The Nyeker Team might lose, but they won’t give up just yet. Now, they’ve taken Uncle Amru and his friends to another world! Fina, Mufida, Tasya, Dzaky, and Medina haven’t lost hope. Will they get the last piece of the Hits Radio amulet? Join our Hits Heroes as they venture through Europe and its countries, from Iceland to Cyprus.

New heroes have been introduced: Reza “Arap” Oktovian, Ardina Putri, Aulion Wirizqi, Devina Aurel, and Edho Zell; famous Indonesian YouTubers. Their chief is still the same, Julia van Bergen. In the end of TCoH 3, the Lost City is told to be blown up, and a new world is introduced in TCoH 4; the Spectral Realm. This is where Uncle Amru, the other senior Hits Heroes, and their studio was brought into. The Chaos Emeralds have lost their powers and took into 7 random European countries.

The Super 7 return, this same still with the same role; guardian of the Chaos Emeralds. So this might be the sub-story of TCoH 3. There are 7 regions of Europe:
1. The Nordics and the British Isles
2. Northern and Western Europe
3. Central Europe
4. Southern Europe
5. The Balkans
6. Eastern Europe
7. Caucasus and Minor Asia

Segments of TCoH 4:
January 1-3: Intro (sailing from the US to Europe)
January 4-10: Iceland
January 11-17: Norway
January 18-24: Sweden
January 25-31: Finland
February 1-7: Denmark
February 8-14: Ireland
February 15-21: United Kingdom (first Chaos Emerald)
February 22-28: France
February 29-March 6: Luxembourg
March 7-13: Belgium
March 14-20: Netherlands
March 21-27: Germany
March 28-April 3: Monaco (second Chaos Emerald)
April 4-10: Switzerland
April 11-17: Liechtenstein
April 18-24: Austria
April 25-May 1: Hungary
May 2-8: Czech Republic
May 9-15: Poland
May 16-22: Slovakia (third Chaos Emerald)
May 23-29: Portugal
May 30-June 5: Spain
June 6-12: Andorra
June 13-20: Italy
June 21-27: San Marino
June 28-July 3: Malta (fourth Chaos Emerald)
July 4-10: Slovenia
July 11-17: Croatia
July 18-24: Bosnia and Herzegovina
July 25-31: Serbia
August 1-7: Montenegro
August 8-14: Macedonia
August 15-21: Albania
August 22-28: Greece (fifth Chaos Emerald)
August 29-September 4: Estonia
September 5-11: Latvia
September 12-18: Lithuania
September 19-25: Belarus
September 26-October 2: Ukraine
October 3-9: Moldova
October 10-16: Romania
October 17-23: Bulgaria
October 24-30: Russia (sixth Chaos Emerald)
October 31-November 6: Georgia
November 7-13: Armenia
November 14-20: Azerbaijan
November 21-27: Turkey
November 28-December 4: Cyprus (seventh Chaos Emerald)
December 5-11: Press-conference in London
December 12-31: Spectral Realm and the end of the whole TCoH! HAHAHA~

Maybe you have wondered why I didn’t add Kosovo? Kosovo is not a UN member, so I don’t include it.


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