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TCoH 4, Episode 1

Januari 1, 2016

Welcome to the world of Hits Radio, where dreams and adventures begin since the first time you listened to the radio! This world is inhabited by people known as Sobat Hits. This year, teenagers Afiany Nur Fadilah, Medina Ramadhany, Mufida Ashari Muthmainah, Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin, and Sritasya Annisa Pramesti will roll to Europe to solve even more crimes! Let’s go!

Dahlia Group
The Chronicles of Hits 4: The Last Adventure!

Mr. Rengga: Well, well, look who we have here. The Trolls from the AO episode “Trollin'”, but in human form.
Mr. Tarmizi: We heard this year is those Heroes’ final year together before they go in a hiatus, right? That looks so fake.
Ms. Wilda: Don’t say stupid stuff just yet, Mizi. You are our new minions, so welcome to the Nyeker Team’s basecamp. Our objective is to ambush the Hits Heroes.
Mr. Sofwan: Who are Hits Heroes, anyway?
Ms. Wilda: It’s a bunch of teenagers that work as radio announcers in Bandung and are now in an objective to save their country of Indonesia. We ourselves are from Indonesia too, but you would have never guessed it. We don’t know how we got here.
Mr. Dadi: Laaame.
Mr. Rengga: No, not lame. We swore we wouldn’t be lame.
Mr. Mato: Come on, let’s go back to work.

Our Heroes arrived in Berlin, where they will start a new journey (of course, I don’t know how many times I said this).

Tasya: Sounds amazing!
Fina: It was amazing!
Medina: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I can’t wait to see my big brother again! He’s been studying in Germany for 3 months!
Fina: You mean… you’ve been dying to see Ghafiki again?! Yeah, he’s bigger now!
Medina: And not just that, Mas Ghafiki and his girlfriend Sahda are currently studying in the same school in Berlin right now!
Mufida: What are we waiting for, guys? Let’s go!

But wait… they saw someone.

Fina: Wait a minute, guys. I think I know that person.
Tasya: Who?
Fina: Chandra Liow, one of my favorite YouTubers from Indonesia. I wonder what’s he doing now…?
Dzaky: Maybe it’s best you approach him.

Fina ran towards Chandra, who fell down after delivering some package.

Fina: Excuse me!
Chandra: Wh-who are you?
Fina: Don’t you remember? I’m Fina, from Hits Radio. We came here in purpose of continuing our adventure.
Chandra: Fina…? Oh yes, I remember! Yes! Hits Heroes, welcome to Berlin. Let me take you somewhere you’ve never been before in this city!
Medina: You mean my brother’s school?

Fun fact, our Heroes arrived in Berlin at 4.00 PM CET. They boarded the same plane at 6.00 AM. They took Chandra’s car to BPP Fachmittelschulen (that’s how they call SMK BPP in Germany). Ghafiki was there, studying chemistry. Mr. Ignatius Durmeyer is the teacher. He’s from Papua.

Mr. Igo: Okay, Kinder, treffen wir uns hier für heute. Wir gehen morgen.
Ghafiki: Es gibt Hausaufgaben für morgen, Meister?
Mr. Igo: Für morgen gibt es keine Hausaufgaben.
Ghafiki: Yesss! (pointing towards Sapta, his best friend in BPP) Mantep Bro, besok kagak ada PR. Kita bisa main bareng dong di rumah lo.
Sapta: Hayu aja gue mah!
Chandra: (knocking from the door) Excuse me, Mr. Igo. Tell these students right here to come home quickly because this class will be used for briefing of Hits Radio Bandung.
Mr. Igo: OK, OK. (to the kids) Kinder, heute früh nach Hause, weil diese Klasse wird an der Sitzung zu verwenden.
Children: HOORAY!
(everyone rushed outside)

The briefing began…

Chandra: Good evening, and welcome to Hits Radio Bandung. My name is Chandra Timothy Liow. I’m your new chief. But don’t call me “Chief”. Just call me with my name. Or, in Indonesian, you can call me “Kak Chandra”. I believe this will be your last year together as a radio station. Before we go any further, please introduce yourselves first.
Fina: My name is Afiany Nur Fadilah, 15, and I’m a Hero since 2014.
Medina: I’m Medina Ramadhany, 16, and I’m actually the oldest here among my friends.
Mufida: My name is Mufida Ashari Muthmainah, 15, from Palembang.
Dzaky: The name’s Dzaky. Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin. 15 years old (actually 13), and fairly new here.
Tasya: I’m Sritasya Annisa Pramesti, 16 years old. The brains of this radio station.
Chandra: Good names. God must have sent you from up above to become radio announcers here. Now tell me, have you ever been to Germany before?
Tasya: No.
Chandra: Good point. You will stay in a hotel in the first 3 days you’re here. Tomorrow you’ll be introduced to new Heroes; my friends Arap, Ardina, Aulion, Devina, and Edho. I understand you’ve met them before. On Sunday, you will be joined with several Indonesian YouTubers like Benakribo, Vendryana, Usama of Duo Harbatah, Koharo, Dhino Haryo, and many others. They’re all my best friends. I will also divide you and those people into 5 groups. Understand?
Fina, Medina, Mufida, Dzaky, and Tasya: We understand.
Chandra: Good. Now go to your rooms; we rented a hotel for you.

A Walt Disney Production

– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Medina Ramadhany
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Ghafiki
– Sapta Aji Saputra
– Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Difa Nabila
– Aldi Syahputra
– Riantika Dwi Ramadhini (yeah, that’s Tanti’s real name)
– Ignatius Durmeyer
– Chandra Timothy Liow


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