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TCoH 4, Episode 10

Januari 11, 2016

At the hospital where Arap works…

Hasna’s mom: So, how was my daughter doing?
Arap: Hmmm… she’s still doing OK. No signs of her heart aching, her stomach is normal, her blood pressure is normal, and she doesn’t have any scarlet fever.
Hasna’s mom: But she has been sick for 5 days! Oh God, what should I do, Doc?
Arap: You could just go home and take 100 deep breaths and calm down. Hasna will be home in 3 weeks.
Hasna’s mom: But that’s long!
Arap: Right. Now go.

After checking up with Hasna, Arap came back to his quarter where Fina, Koharo, and Andovi were waiting.

Andovi: Yo, Arap!
Arap: Yo.
Andovi: Listen, how was Hasna?
Arap: Still doing bad.
Fina, Koharo, and Andovi: Yaaaah…
Fina: Tapi dia sahabat aku, Kak!
Arap: Maafkan Kakak, Fina. Kakak berusaha menunjukkan yang terbaik buat Hasna, tapi dia masih belom sembuh. Maaf, ya. Sekali lagi Kak Arap minta maaf.
[suddenly Arap got an e-mail]
Arap: Oh, hey! I got an e-mail! Hmmm… uh-huh… OK… (Indonesian) Fina, kamu dapet panggilan dari Norwegia. Ada yang mencuri helm bangsa Viking dari Oslo!

National treasure stolen from Oslo.
The treasure was identified as a rare Viking helmet.
Male suspect reported at the scene of the crime.
Your assignment:
Track down the thief from Oslo to his hideout and arrest him!
You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 5PM.
Good luck, Sleuth Azis.

Arap: Azis? But I thought she was Fina!



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