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Reza Arap

Januari 18, 2016

Everyone’s favorite Indonesian YouTube gamer.

Reza Arap (born Reza Oktovian on October 15, 1990) is an Indonesian gamer, comedian, and YouTube personality.

Reza Oktovian was born in Jakarta on October 15, 1990. He was born premature, in only age of 7 months in pregnancy and had a heart disease. His parents separated when he was born. After a child custody between Reza’s parents, the court decided his mother won. His mother is a Latin dance teacher.

Reza grew up as an only child. A geek, who always stayed at home, studying, studying, and studying. Because he had a heart disease, he was very weak, throwing up every second, which is the reason he likes playing video games like PlayStation, Sega, Nintendo. Reza’s mother would always buy the latest video game cassettes. She would never prohibit him to play games, whether he had a lot of homework or he had an exam, because she knew, when he got bored, he would study. Although geeky and weak, Reza was very smart, with an IQ of 140 and always in the top 3.

When Reza turned nine, his mother celebrated his birthday in a fast food restaurant, but no one knew it would be his last time celebrating his birthday.

When Reza was 11, he suddenly got sick. He got a high fever. His mother thought it was just a plain sickness, just a cold, nothing to worry about. But after long, his condition worsened. His body was as cold as ice cubes, and trembled great. Reza’s mother panicked and he was rushed to Husada Hospital. Reza was gotten into the emergency because of his very bad condition. The doctor who checked him installed hoses to his nose and mouth.

At that time the doctor sentenced Reza’s heart recurred and he had to stay in the hospital. The next day, Reza’s body contracted and trembled again, that time greater. The doctor checked him up and founded out that Reza had a complication of four diseases at the same time; his heart recurred, his stomach was torn, his blood pressure was low, and lastly, he had scarlet fever. Doctors had given their best to cure Reza, such as electroshock, injection, and a lot more. But his body could not stand everything in the same time. Alas… he died.

Doctor had sentenced Reza to death. His entire body was already covered in cloth. His mother could not hold her tears. 12 hours had passed. Reza was taken to the morgue. His entire family was there. And his mother. She hold his body, she kissed his forehead, and she cried. She shed her tears right on his forehead. Suddenly she heard a sound like this.

“Ma… Mama jangan nangis. Nanti Caca ikutan sedih.”

Reza’s mother was confused. She heard the same sound, but different.

“Ma… Caca di mana sih? Kok Caca bisa di sini?”

His mother then opened the cloth that covered Reza’s body and founded out he was back to life. His heart cured, his torn abdomen was back to normal, his blood pressure returned to normal, and his scarlet fever cured instantly.

Reza’s life changed. He was no longer geeky.

When he graduated from high school in 2008, his mother moved to Palembang and left Reza alone. To survive, Reza did everything. From selling DVDs, selling cosmetics from door to door, dedicating to internet cafes, and driving a motorcycle taxi. In 2011, Reza, now Arap, met Edho Zell. They played DotA together. Edho taught Arap how to be an MC. In their friendship days, they made a prank group called Happy Holiday Indonesia, with Zachary Lee, Insu, and Vic Sam. Sadly, HHI disbanded in 2013.

Arap is currently in relationship with Kyra Nayda, a member of event organizer in which he is also part of.

Birth name: Reza Oktovian
Nicknames: Reza, Caca (childhood), Arap (current)
Date of birth: October 15, 1990 (age 25)
Place of birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Gamer, comedian, YouTube personality, MC, part of
Affiliated acts: Edho Zell, Chandraliow, SkinnyIndonesian24


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