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20 facts you didn’t know about Reza Arap

Februari 4, 2016
  1. He eats a lot, but never gains weight.
  2. He doesn’t like eating sweets, vegetables, and he’s lactose-intolerant; he can’t have dairy.
  3. His favorite food is KFC.
  4. His favorite beverage is anything, as long as it’s cold.
  5. He has 3 pet sugar gliders; Kaypu, Rappu, and Pundut.
  6. He once broke his left middle finger when he was younger.
  7. He can’t live without his cell phone.
  8. He is narcissistic and is fond of selfies.
  9. Whenever he eats rice, and there is a hard grain of rice when he is chewing it, he can stop eating it in the same time.
  10. He has a fear of heights, but his apartment is in the 28th floor.
  11. He can’t swim.
  12. He likes sci-fi.
  13. He believes that animals that lived in the past still lives today.
  14. He does believe in aliens.
  15. He doesn’t like wearing briefs.
  16. He has a tattoo the picture of a character from DotA, Mirana.
  17. He doesn’t go to college.
  18. He is afraid of big dogs.
  19. He wears girls’ pants.
  20. In TCoH 4, he has 3 jobs; a YouTube gamer, a radio announcer, and a doctor.

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