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Chemistry in grade 11 and what it means to me

Februari 4, 2016

I’m a non-MIA kid that loves chemistry subject. But, as soon as I found out that in grade 11 that chemistry involves a LOT of counting, I decided to stay in my class, X IIS 2, rather than move to X MIA 5 in exchange for Haikal’s place, who recently moved to my class.

Chemistry in grade 11:
1. Atomic structure
2. Periodic system of elements
3. Chemical bonding
4. Thermochemistry
5. Reaction rate
6. Chemical equilibrium
7. Acid-base solutions
8. Stoichiometry of solutions
9. Buffer solutions
10. Salt hydrolysis
11. Colloids
12. Solubility

Thanks a lot, X MIA 5 kids. I don’t hate you, but I prefer to stay in X IIS 2 rather than exchange Haikal’s place for mine in your class.

BTW, I also found out that chemistry is harder than physics is.


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