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Introducing a new TCoH 4 character: Cindy Johnson

Februari 7, 2016

After last January I introduced Mr. Ignatius Durmeyer to TCoH 4 as a debut character, now I’m making another new one. It all started when I was playing X-Girl Superhero Creator and I successfully made a new character for TCoH 4. Her name is Cindy Johnson, a 25-year-old journalist from Australia.

Cindy is very beautiful. She has long black hair and fair skin. She is Benakribo’s favorite journalist, as cited in the United Kingdom story that I will later post. When working as a journalist, she wears nothing but a mid-thigh length white T-shirt, something I just love in a woman. But don’t get wrong; for a beautiful journalist like Cindy, she has superpowers. She can immediately change her journalist outfit into a white catsuit, which she takes off completely in the shower.

In the United Kingdom, Benakribo is drawn to Cindy Johnson from the first time he was interviewed in the BBC. But… we’ll wait for that until the UK story.


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