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TCoH 4, Episode 38

Februari 7, 2016

TCoH 4 udah sampe episode ke-38. Alhamdulillah.

The outline of this episode is…

“X IIS 2’s victory in Parents’ Day 2016 marks the end of the show. But the entire class, our Heroes, and the Indovidgram members were shocked to know that Hasna died from her sickness. Apparently. All of the TCoH 4 characters rushed to the Red Team’s headquarters and heard Fina crying. Hasna’s dad was also crying as well.”

At the Red Team’s headquarters, Chandra knocked the Red Team’s door.

Chandra: Hello? Anybody home?
Arap: Come in.
Chandra: Now, kids, whatever you do, don’t make noises. We don’t know who’s passed away.
Medina, Kirana, Ardina, Jovial, Kevin, Dzaky, Tommy, Vendry, Devina, Puteri, Aulion, Mufida, Najla, Dhino, Bryan, Tasya, Edho, Bena, Marlo, Usama, Andovi, and Koharo: Yes, sir. (quietly but firm)

Everybody went in politely, but Tommy rushed to give the Parents’ Day trophy from X IIS 2 to Arap. Seeing Tommy made the others wanted to rush. Everyone’s eyes were filled with tears when seeing a girl lying on the floor with a white cloth covering her whole body. Tommy opened it to reveal it was… Hasna. Yes, Hasna. She was lying motionless on the floor, silent and motionless. Her eyes was closed, her body was cold, naked, and whiter than an HVS paper, and she didn’t smile. Tommy’s eyes were filled with tears and he begins to iconic cry. (NOTE: Tommy’s iconic cry is laughing hard first, taking off his shirt, and crying as hard as he can. Screaming.)

Everyone cried on the house. Medina and Kirana hugged. Mufida, Najla, and Bryan sobbed. Kevin looked tough, but he cried a tear at last. The Indovidgram members cried tears of loss. Everyone.

Hasna’s mom, who was strong in all situations, couldn’t hold her tears. She approached Hasna, she hold her body, she kissed her forehead, and she cried. She shed her tears right on Hasna’s forehead. But wait. A miracle happened.

Hasna: Ma… jangan nangis. Nanti Ana (panggilan masa kecil Hasna) ikutan sedih.

Hasna’s mom, thinking it was just her hallucination, kept on crying. But she heard her daughter saying some words again, and it took us back to Arap’s apparent death in 2001.

Hasna: Ma… Ana di mana sih? Kok Ana bisa di sini?

Dengan masih penuh keheranan, mama Hasna membuka selimut yang menutupi tubuh Hasna dan melihat putri kecilnya sudah membuka mata (I decide to write bilingual in this episode).

Hasna: Ma… ini Ana di mana?
Hasna’s mom: [Oh my God, she’s alive!] DOKTEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!

Arap checked in on Hasna, and found out that…

Arap: Madam, I checked in your daughter and she was suddenly brought back to life. Her heart healed, her torn stomach suddenly returned to normal, her blood pressure became normal, and her scarlet fever immediately cured. I know, there would be still a big question mark above your head, what happened to Hasna, when she apparently died.

Hasna: Fina… aku di mana?
Fina: Has… Hasna… kamu hidup!
Everyone: HOORAY!!!

The entire classroom went on an uproar when Hasna’s dad came in. He said…

Hasna’s dad: Buat kalian, pahlawan Hits Radio, yang sudah menghidupkan kembali anak gue, gue cuma mau bilang, “I love you all!”
Usama: Uncle! I love you too!
Hasna: Aku nggak disayangin, nih, Fin?
Fina: Hasna, aku sayang kamu!
Everyone: We love you, Hasna!

Everyone hugged Hasna in joy. Thanks to the Incredible Allah, Hasna is brought back to life.

BUT! We’ll still continue tomorrow with leg 2, from Ireland to the Netherlands.

– Medina Ramadhany
– Kirana Srihapsari Bimoputri
– Nurul Ardina Putri
– Antonino Infloreska Jovialsra da Lopez
– Kevin Anggara Wirawan
– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Koharo
– Azevedo Andovireska Adikara da Lopez
– Reza Oktovian
– Hasna Lathifah
– Sritasya Annisa Pramesti
– Edho Zell Pratama
– Benazio Rizki Putra
– Usama Harbatah
– Marlo Randy Ernesto Noya
– Mufida Ashari Muthmainah
– Najla Fissilmi Kaffah
– Aulia Rizsa Wirizqi
– Dhino Haryo Wibisono
– Nauval Brianata Ranaputra
– Devina Aurel
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Thomas Matthew Limmm
– Puteri Modiyanti
– Vendryana Ayu Larasati
– Chandra Timothy Liow


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