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First ever phone call from Ghafiki after 4 months

Februari 8, 2016

I can’t believe it. I got my first phone call from Ghafiki after 4 months! Sadly we didn’t have much to talk about.

However… I want to discuss about this. You know Ghafiki, he’s been in a relationship with Talitha Sahda. This is what Sahda hates from him. She hates it when that boyfriend of hers has been in the phone for too long. Long ago me and Ghafiki agreed that “no-phone-call rule”, but we accidentally broke it. This is whether I forget to leave the phone open, or Ghafiki called the wrong number.

The last time we talked on Line, we talked about who is our pick to represent Switzerland in Eurovision 2016. I picked Stanley Miller. Ghafiki picked Vincent Gross.

BUT! We’re not done here just yet. I still need to continue with TCoH 4, episode 39, the beginning of leg 2.


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