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TCoH 4, Episode 39

Februari 8, 2016

The episode begins when Devina woke up, preparing for the morning. She jumped out of bed, took off her clothes, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and scrubbed her body before getting in the shower. When she is scrubbing, the phone rang. It was Chandra.

Devina: Hello? Chief? I’m scrubbing my body right now. What? A new case? For Dzaky? OK. I’m going for him now.

The scene changes into Dzaky, Tommy, Vendry, and Puteri playing a classic card game, “Tepok Nyamuk”. Dzaky went first.

Dzaky: I’ll go first. Ace!
Tommy: Wow, you sure are flawless.
(everyone had fun, until Devina approached them)
Devina: GUYS!
(Dzaky and Tommy covered their eyes)
Vendry: Devina? Why are you here? And why are you naked?
Devina: This is an important case for Dzaky! Dzaky, read it.

Dzaky uncovered his eyes to see the message from the Chief– uh, I mean Chandra.

National treasure stolen from Dublin.
The treasure has been identified as the Blarney Stone.
Male suspect reported at the scene of the crime.
Your assignment:
Track down the thief from Dublin to his hideout and arrest him!

You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 5 pm.
Good luck, Sleuth Dzaky.

Devina: Sorry for me not wearing clothes. I was in the middle of going into the shower to wash away this scrub, but the phone suddenly rang. Vendry, Puteri?
Vendry: Dev, Dzaky’s too young to go all by himself.
Devina: Don’t worry; he’s a boy. Boys are taught to take care of themselves.
Puteri: Of course we worry. Who’s gonna accompany him to Ireland?
Devina: [He’s too young, only 15 years old…] (to Tommy) Tommy, take Dzaky with you. Vendry said he’s too young to go all by himself.
Tommy: [Why me?!] Alright, alright, little lad. The time is yours. Let’s go to Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland
February 8, 2016

Tommy: We’re here. Dublin, Ireland.
Dzaky: Isn’t that the Blarney Castle out there?
Tommy: Yes, it is.
Edho: Oh, hello, my dears! You’ve come all the way far to my homeland of Ireland! Hahaha!
Tommy and Dzaky: EDHO?!
Dzaky: Why are you dressed as a Leprechaun?
Edho: Oh, I always dress up as a Leprechaun whenever I go home to Ireland. It’s fantastic!
Tommy: But it’s not even Saint Patty’s Day! Oh, what have I done…?
Dzaky: Edho, do you know we came here because of a case?
Edho: Oh, the Blarney Stone case? I know where to take you! Follow me!


– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Thomas Matthew Limmm
– Devina Aurel
– Vendryana Ayu Larasati
– Puteri Modiyanti
– Edho Zell Pratama


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