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Pranking my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Februari 13, 2016

Although some people say Muslims like us don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have prepared a Valentine’s Day present for my girlfriend for almost 3 years, the one and only Fina.

The text goes like this somehow, from the popular AO video, “Ultimate Marshmallow Prank”.

Dessert? I-I just couldn’t care about it. So this morning I went to the fridge. You know that ice cream with the sprinkles that you really like? Then I added some more sprinkles on it. And then I added some chocolate chips, strawberries, and fudge on it too. And I asked to myself, “You know who would like to have this ice cream?” Me! So I ate it.

Just as soon as I finished my ice cream, the rain just stopped. And there was this big, lovely rainbow! It was so big, it was so colorful, it just– it lit up the entire sky. And you know what? It disappeared before I could tell you about it.

And you know what happened after that? The doorbell rang. I answered it. I opened the door, and it was a whole group of a cuddly animals. Yeah, yeah. There were bunnies… and puppies… and kittens. And you know what I did to them? You were taking a nap, so I cuddled with them all by myself.


Hey honey, you wanna go to HDL 293? Oh wait, it’s 6pm. They closed at 5.


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