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Top 5 most memorable moments in “3” and “Discover”

Februari 13, 2016

“Come Together” has yet to be released, but I’m here to list the top 10 most memorable moments in “3” and “Discover”, both movies directed by the magnificent Uncle Arie Suhernowo.

“3: The Movie”

5. “Hour of the Wolf”
When Ghafiki was emotionally upset because his cousin-turned girlfriend Amanda dumped him in the middle of their love journey, he became so angry he caused chaos in his grandpa’s house, the former director.

4. Intro
We saw Ghafiki riding a car to his school, and he was told to be a rebel in the entire movie.

3. Every scene involving parkour
One word: AWESOME!

2. Mall fight
A fight between Ghafiki and Farrel really didn’t solve anything. But to be honest, viewers are laughing their a*ses right now when they see this scene.

1. Amanda’s death
No Indonesian indie movie has a sadder scene than this.



5. “Gabede”
Chandra’s class grew into a chaos after he and his friends got bored of the lesson.

4. “Pletenka”
Chandra and Tommy went insane when Febri patted their shoulders each.


“Come Together” will release on June 4, 2016.

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