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“Come Together” making to start from February 22

Februari 19, 2016

Making on February 22, but will premier in June 4.

I suggested to my homeroom teacher, Ms. Euis Wulandari, to make a movie, and yet another collaboration between X IIS 2 and Indovidgram. “Come Together” it is, and will be directed by Uncle Arie Suhernowo (you know it).

What’s the point of a movie without a script? I asked Faiz once again to make the script and this time helped by Kirana. For the storyboard, I asked Kania from X IIS 1. For the camera, there will be a special team to record indeed. Me? I’m just a makeup artist who is obsessed with watching movies.

And there is an update: Hanifah Khairunnisa or Hani will have her hair cut for her role of Vendry. In case you have wondered; Hani is my classmate.

So, here is the updated cast of “Come Together”:

  • Aulion as himself
  • Talitha Sahda as Rania
  • Benakribo as himself
  • Dhino Haryo as himself
  • Hanifah Khairunnisa as Vendry
  • Nadiefa Hasna as Ardina
  • Aldi Jafar as young Aulion
  • Adam Azka as young Bena
  • Rizky Anas as young Dhino
  • Difa Nabila as Friska
  • Zirly Yusriani as Mei-Mei
  • Irma Yulita as Mama Aulion
  • Dadi Mulyadi as Papa Aulion
  • Tarmizi Pratama Putra as Papa Rania
  • Vendryana as adult Vendry (herself)
  • Ardina Putri as adult Ardina (herself)
  • Devina Aurel as adult Rania

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