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“Come Together” synopsis

Februari 24, 2016

Not based on Aulion’s life, but this is how the movie goes.

Aulia Rizsa Wirizqi or Aulion was born on May 3, 1994 as the son of a conglomerate with a very simple lifestyle. He had no Lamborghini, he had no big TV. Aulion grew up as a very ferocious, wild kid. He liked to fight with others, even his mom (Irma Yulita). He had no friends; his only friends were Bena (Benakribo) and Dhino (Dhino Haryo).

When Aulion was 18, he went to college in UMN, taking Visual Communication Design department. He fell in love with his own classmate, Rania (Talitha Sahda). He asked immediately if she wanted to be his girlfriend for life. But he was shy, either does Rania. When he got home, his dad (Dadi Mulyadi) told Aulion that he didn’t forbid his son to become Rania’s boyfriend. But he has to be aware of her dad (Tarmizi Pratama Putra). Rania’s dad is a hardworking bank boss. He is also not the type of father who speaks gently to his children; he is a very strict and straightforward person. He doesn’t stand if Rania dated with Aulion because Rania is rich and Aulion is simple.

However the other day Aulion went shopping with Bena and Dhino. Upon seeing Rania, he thought he should be careful of her dad. At first, Aulion was scared, but when Bena and Dhino persuaded him to propose to Rania, he finally wanted to. But with one condition; don’t let her dad know.

Aulion, Bena, and Dhino went home like drunk people. Once again Aulion saw Rania. He thought to himself; “Oh my God. Blue eyes, long black hair, fair skin, and beautiful face… I gotta propose her.”

He proposed to Rania quickly, and they sing together. Dhino imitated playing the cello. All of a sudden, Rania’s dad came out from nowhere. He was very angry with his daughter. He took Rania home. Saddened, Aulion went back home. In his room, he started acting crazy, indicating he was falling in love. Aulion’s dad was shocked upon seeing his son dancing like a love-drunk person.

From the perspectives of Dhino and Bena, they proposed to their respective girlfriends, Ardina (Nadiefa Hasna) and Vendry (Hanifah Khairunnisa).

Back to Aulion. One day, at college, he, Bena, and Dhino started a fight between Visual Communication Design and Physical Engineering. The fight lasted 3 minutes until the trio were called off by their professor. They were punished for all they had done. But their purpose of fighting with Physical Engineering made complete sense; they wanted to protect womankind in their university from sexual violence. But a punishment is a punishment; Aulion, Bena, and Dhino were locked until the end of college. During punishment time they made music, much to their professor’s annoyance.

The next day…

Rania was humming “Perfect Together” when someone robbed her pink handbag. It was a Physical Engineering kid. Aulion fought with him alone, without the help of Bena and Dhino. At the end of the fight, he proposed to Rania again, but she refused. Heartbroken, Aulion cried like crazy in college, unwanting to talk with Bena and Dhino anymore. He was angry with himself and his two dudes.

Two days later, Aulion was still angry with himself, Bena, and Dhino. When they were eating in a five-star restaurant in the middle of a pine forest, Aulion refused to eat his sandwich, much to Bena and Dhino’s disgust. Suddenly, his eyes glowed red and his heart said he wanted to go home alone. Angrily, he went home, but his two friends followed him. Seeing Rania again just grew Aulion’s lust. He became even angrier and fires came all around him. He slammed his bedroom door and slept crying.

The next morning Rania went to Aulion’s house if her boyfriend is OK. Aulion is still angry, but he danced “Hotline Bling” in front of her. This marked the start of the two’s romance. They went through the day happily. Aulion was no longer a sad wimp. He was still the same Aulion; ferocious, wild, rebellious, and pitiless. But with a girlfriend, Rania Salsabila.

Aulion and Rania dated again in an intersection in Braga Street. When Aulion was in the middle of giving Rania a ring, police came from the outskirts of Bandung; Rania’s dad was coming with them. He told police to bring Aulion to jail. That night, it was impossible for Rania to sleep as her dad was angry with her all night long. He told her that if he dated with a “poor” kid like Aulion again, she had to pack away her suitcase and go away from home. She broke down in tears.

Meanwhile, in jail, Aulion was also thinking of Rania. Thinking it was time for him to propose to Rania again, he broke free from jail, wearing a mask and shrouded in haze. Police knew it all along, but Aulion successfully broke free from jail and went through the same forest. With his ferociousness, he went back to Bandung and fainted in Van Deventer Street. Rania saw him covered in blood and sweat. She then brought her new friends, Vendry and Ardina. Bena and Dhino also saw this evidence, and they began to sing as if living a happy life.

But those happy times didn’t turn out well. Rania’s dad, and Aulion’s dad, both angry with their children, pulled them away home. Rania was expelled from home, while Aulion was forced to finish college in Stuttgart, Germany. So he said goodbye to Bena, Dhino, and Rania.

3 years passed, and Aulion was still in Stuttgart finishing his Cinematography course when Bena and Dhino came. They told him the bank where Rania’s dad worked was on fire, and Rania was held hostage. Aulion forgived his two dudes and went back to Bandung.

Everything was terrorizing there. No fun, no games, even no candy. Firefighters try to put out the fire in the bank where Rania’s dad worked, but nothing happened. The trio tried their best, going into the bank and saw the entire bank was burned to ashes inside and Rania was there, tied tight. Bena suspected the Physical Engineering kids did it again this time. The trio fought the terrorists who WERE really the Physical Engineering kids. They even tried to save Rania with no luck. The girl lied on the ground, silent, and motionless.

Rania was brought to the hospital where she apparently died. Everyone was sad as Aulion watched in tears. He shed his tears right on her forehead. All of a sudden, the entire Bandung was happy. Rania woke up healthily. Her dad is very happy; so is Aulion and his two dudes. Rania’s dad apologized to Aulion. But that reminded him. Aulion had to apologize to his parents.

Aulion’s parents were worried sick when their son was back home, breaking down into tears and apologizing to them. They hugged and kissed each other.

The movie ends with Aulion growing up with Bena and Vendry (Vendryana) as well as Dhino and Ardina (Ardina Putri). And of course, Rania (Devina Aurel). Aulion asked his girlfriend to marry him and get onto the aisle.


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