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TCoH 4, Episode 58

Februari 27, 2016

Arap: Oh, my God. Sahda and Ghafiki are not talking. We have to do something to them! Fina, Hasna, prepare your Pokemon! It’s time for action! (prepares his Poke Ball) Chimchar!
Fina: Annoying Orange!
Hasna: Obnoxious Kumquat!
Arap, Fina, and Hasna: I CHOOSE YOU!
(all Pokemon came out from their respective Balls)
Chimchar: Chimchar!
Annoying Orange: (laughs)
Obnoxious Kumquat: (laughs)
Arap: Chimchar, you come to X Boga 1 and make them react! Orange, Kumquat, burn Ghafiki’s planes! Then we can get Sahda’s gemstone back and start making our film!
Chimchar: Char!
(Chimchar came to X Boga 1, leaving Sahda screaming loudly. Then Orange and Kumquat used Flamethrower on Ghafiki’s toy planes, and he screamed loudly. X Boga 1 went berserk until Mr. Sofwan came to their class for Islamic education class. He was VERY ANGRY)
(no one admitted)
Mr. Sofwan: No one? Then who has a pet monkey in this class?
Ghafiki: Not me, Sir.
Sahda: Me neither.
Mr. Sofwan: None of you? Good. I respect your honesty. As long as the Honesty Islands in your heads are still on, I respect you all. But next time, there will be no pet monkeys in every class, including Islamic education. If I see once again a monkey in my class, I will–
Arap: Donto, Donto, DONTO, DONTO! (“donto” is a Tamil swear word)
Fina: Kak Arap, easy. Deep breaths.
Hasna: Yeah, it’s not your fault.
Arap: AAAARGH!!! (ran away)

Arap sent away his 6 Pokemon, and ran away from Stuttgart.

Mayor: (German accent) Arap, where are you going? You can’t go! Stuttgart needs you!
Arap: Nicht heute, motherf**ker! (slapped the mayor in the face and went home. His mother and his stepfather were waiting for dinner)
Annette (Arap’s mom): Rap, how was work?
Grigor (Arap’s stepdad): Yes, where’s my happy boy?
Arap: (imitating Riley Andersen): Work was great, alright?!
Annette: Arap, is something OK?
Arap: (growls)
Grigor: Arap, I do not like this new attitude.
Arap: What is your problem?! Just leave me alone!
Grigor: Listen, young man, I do not understand where’d this disrespectful attitude and the Tamil-language nagging come from.
Arap: Yeah, well…
(Arap’s Anger controlled him)
Arap’s Anger: AAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!
Arap: (screaming angrily in Tamil)
Grigor: That’s it. Go to your room! Now!

Arap went to his room angrily.

Arap: (swears in Tamil, then slams his room door. Then he was in the middle of falling asleep before his dad came in)
Grigor: (Indian accent) Hey, Arap. Seems like things just got under pressure. I’m sorry old Grigor shouted at you. Aw, come on. Where’s Appa’s happy boy? You wanna talk?
Arap: Leave me alone, Dad.
Grigor: Oh. Until next time. Monkey. (imitates monkey)
(the Goofball Island in Arap’s head fell down)
Grigor: I get it. You need some alone time. Good night. Donkey.

Arap’s laptop turned on by sunset. It was a Skype from Fina.

Fina: Kak Arap! We’re so glad you’re here. Stuttgart needs you! Ghafiki and Sahda are angry to each other!
Arap: I don’t give a f**k.
Hasna: Yes! Now they’re almost in a fight!
Arap: I gotta go.
Fina and Hasna: What?
Arap: I GOTTA GO, B**CH! (throws laptop)

Grigor: Arap! There you are! Come, give Appa a kiss.
Arap: Grrr…
Grigor: Arap? Come on. Don’t be angry.
Arap: Grrr…
Grigor: Arap?
Arap: (snarls)
Grigor: ARAP! Where are you going?

It was revealed later that Arap has anger issues. Until tomorrow, when he found out that X Boga 1 were terrorized by a fight between…


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