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Facts about TCoH 4

Maret 3, 2016

Let’s unveil facts about The Chronicles of Hits 4.

  1. The Trolls are based on Riley Andersen’s emotions from the Pixar animated motion picture, Inside Out.
  2. Arap, member of the Red Team, has some anger issues. When he is angry, watch out; he can easily swear.
  3. When looking in the mirror, Fina and Hasna like to admire their hair every morning.
  4. 3 of the New Hits Heroes are of European origin; Arap is Armenian, Devina is Belarusian, and Edho is Irish.
  5. In real life, Arap doesn’t go to college. But in TCoH 4, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. He is a cardiologist.
  6. Medina considers Kirana as her best friend in the Purple Team.
  7. I will make another appearance in the Swiss story, where Ghafiki will take me to the venue of Sundanese Event 2016.
  8. If you recall the incident in the last part of the German story, Arip, one of Ghafiki’s classmates in X Boga 1 SMK BPP, is revealed to be the black-haired ghost in the game “Emily Wants to Play”. He then is replaced by Anindya Salsabila, from SMK BPI 1 Bandung.
  9. You might want to compare Mr. Sofwan with Inside Out’s Anger, although in real life he doesn’t look like so. Both characters are represented with the color red.
  10. Also, Mr. Sofwan rarely screams at anyone or anything. The only time he screamed was in the 6th part of the German story, much to his hatred of monkeys in Islamic education class.

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