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TCoH 4, Episodes 59-63

Maret 3, 2016

Gue ambil garis besarnya aja, ya?

Episode 59:
Losing all of his islands of personality, Arap ran away to a forest nearby the outskirts of Stuttgart. Suddenly he heard a loud scream. It was Hasna. She and Fina saw our favorite BPP-Alcent couple, Ghafiki and Sahda fighting in front of X Boga 1. Much to his anger, Arap screamed in the class and told the girls to rummage the class’s bags. He found out that the thief of Sahda’s gemstone is Arip, who then was revealed to be the black-haired ghost from “Emily Wants to Play”. He fainted instantly. Doctors checked him up and found out that his heart disease relapsed again and he was helpless. He apparently died, but was brought back to life.

Episode 60-63:
The main topic is Aulion and the Yellow Team fighting against the Trolls in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium. They met the real Riley Andersen from Inside Out, whom Aulion fell in love with. Meanwhile, the Trolls were on their debut album tour. Our Heroes intended to troll the Trolls by involving them in a dance battle… TOMORROW.


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