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TCoH 4, Episode 67

Maret 7, 2016

The main plot of this episode is…

Ardina got a message from the Chief. It’s from the Netherlands. Considering it would be a serious case, she had to take the entire Purple Team. Someone stole their dykes!

In Amsterdam, Ardina, Jovial, Kirana, Kevin, and Medina learned a lot about Indian diaspora in the Netherlands, which they learned from Mr. Patel. They learned that Indians LOVE curry, and they eat it aside every single cuisine. They even learned to belly dance.

But… wait. The case is for Ardina, so the main Heroes in our Purple Team who had a more prominent role are her, Jovial, and Kevin. Medina and Kirana were just inspecting them. Also, as a part of Indovidgram, she learned that Bena and Vendry’s wedding would be postponed until May 28, 2016. Which is in the same week I will write my Portuguese story.

As the writer, I know some Dutch cities:
– Amsterdam
– The Hague
– Rotterdam
– Utrecht
– Eindhoven
– Maastricht


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